Post-merger Integration: Benefits of Outsourcing

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When improperly managed, the post-merger integration process can consume an organization’s time and resources, impeding their ability to drive successful transformations and growth.

In order to drive success and maximize the value of a deal, it’s much more beneficial to outsource post-merger integration support to a trusted team of experts.

What is Post-merger Integration?

Post-merger integration is the process of identifying synergies across people, processes and systems to drive the successful combination of two separate entities after a deal goes through.

It is an incredibly complex process that requires careful evaluation of specific business needs, resources and goals in order to ensure all stakeholder gets the most value out of the transaction and the newly created entity can function as efficiently as possible.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing Post-merger Integration Support?

Access to unparalleled industry expertise

Outsourcing the post-merger integration process ensures you receive tailored support as you navigate all the complex tasks that come alongside combining two separate entities.

Rather than run the risk of experiencing timeline delays, making misinformed decisions and overloading your current employees, you’ll receive access to a team of true industry experts who have driven post-merger integration success for many other organizations.

Limits interruptions to projects and streamlines communication and collaboration

Oftentimes, combining two separate entities takes focus away from the core of the business, causing delays in ongoing projects, interrupting operations and making employees feel unsupported and disorganized.

Outsourcing post-merger integration support limits interruptions to day-to-day ongoings, as the consultants will develop a detailed integration roadmap to ensure key project milestones are met, provide access to experienced change management professionals who foster alignment across teams and departments, and ensure communication and collaboration are as streamlined as possible.

Faster post-merger integration process

Outsourcing post-merger integration support also helps ensure that the integration is completed as effectively as possible, reducing downtime via proper resource allocation and ensuring people, processes and systems are expertly aligned.

Cost-effective and objective solution

Rather than building out a team of integration specialists or pulling current employees away from their day-to-day, outsourcing the post-merger integration process provides a more cost-effective approach. Instead of hiring a full-time employee (or several) and getting them all caught up to speed, you’ll receive access to a true industry expert at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, you’ll also receive an objective perspective on what you need to do to successfully integrate two entities. Relying solely on current employees of these organizations who bring their own biases into the equation can cause friction when attempting to identify synergies and carve a new path forward.

While these opinions are certainly valuable and should be taken into consideration, it’s more effective to turn to an outside perspective to guide the integration in the right direction.

Identifies and mitigates risk

Making large-scale changes in systems and operations during the post-merger integration process can expose an organization to risk.

However, outsourcing post-merger integration support provides access to risk and compliance specialists who will ensure your organization is safeguarded from threats and that new processes are created in compliance with laws, regulations, standards and best practices.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Outsourcing Post-merger Integration Support

In sum, outsourcing post-merger integration support provides the expertise you need to limit interruptions to your day-to-day while retaining focus on the big picture, ensures the integration is completed as efficiently as possible, mitigates risk and offers a cost-effective solution to growth and scale.

Need Post-merger Integration Support?

A successful post-merger integration is critical to unlocking the full potential of a deal and realizing its maximized value.

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