Post-merger Integration Consultant: What Do They Do & How Do They Help?

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Closing a deal is hard – integrating two separate business entities is even harder.

In order to identify the best areas for collaboration, reduce the potential for risk and limit as many interruptions to business as possible, you’ll want to turn to a post-merger integration consultant for guidance. 

Everything you need to know about Post-merger Integration consultants:

  1. What is post-merger integration?
  2. What does a post-merger integration consultant do?
  3. How can a Post-merger Integration consultant help your business?
  4. When should you hire a Post-merger Integration consultant?

What is Post-merger Integration? 

Post-merger integration is the process of combining two separate business entities after a deal goes through with the goal of limiting redundancy, fostering collaboration and maximizing efficiency. While it is an incredibly complex process, a successful post-merger integration allows businesses to increase revenue, reduce competition and access new markets, to name but a few of the many benefits.  

What does a Post-merger Integration consultant do? 

From negotiating a deal to integrating new technology, post-merger integration consultants are there to ensure a successful merger from strategy to deployment and beyond. They will be well versed in driving communication and collaboration, organizing previously unconnected teams around common goals, and helping you maximize the value of a deal. 

Skills and duties of Post-merger Integration consultants: 

  • Providing support during the negotiation process 
  • Developing roadmaps and strategies for the combination of two separate business entities 
  • Integrating teams and providing guidance with change management to drive efficiency and foster collaboration 
  • Identifying risks and areas for improvement and restructuring an organization based on findings 
  • Guiding the deployment of new IT systems and technologies 
  • Stabilizing businesses and ensuring consistent messaging 

Post-merger Integration activities: 

  • Integration Roadmap Development: Outlining merger integration strategy from point A to Z and evaluating the current business state to drive informed decisions about future growth objectives. 
  • Change Management: Preparing, equipping and supporting your team through the adoption of new systems and processes with the focus of fostering alignment and keeping project outcomes, timelines and budgets on track. 
  • Risk Management: Ensuring the confidentiality and security of a merger by managing and maintaining an effective and secure control environment. 
  • IT Implementation: Aligning IT systems to reduce redundancies, optimize efficiency, improve communication, cut down on overhead spend and fuel long-term growth. 

How can a Post-merger Integration consultant help your business? 

  • Successfully integrating two separate business entities 
  • Limiting interruptions to projects and activities and reducing the potential for company cultures to clash 
  • Fostering collaboration and driving better communication 
  • Retaining quality talent as roles are combined, eliminated or automated 

When should you hire a Post-merger Integration consultant? 

Although it may seem contrary to the name, you should hire a post-merger integration consultant well before a deal goes through.

In order to identify the best areas for synergy and ensure as little interruption to business as possible, hiring a post-merger integration consultant from the get-go is essential as they are there to ensure you make the most of your merger and help you overcome any challenges along the way.

Need Post-merger Integration Support?

Closing a deal is hard. Implementing a successful integration is even more difficult. At Bridgepoint Consulting, we understand that a successful post-merger integration is critical to unlocking the full potential of a deal and realizing its maximized value. To ensure desired results, we work together to outline a strategy to help you get from point A to point B. After evaluating the current state, we’ll outline future state goals and objectives to ensure all parties are aligned on where we need to go and how to get there.

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