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Centers of Influence (COIs)

Cultivating partnerships through relationship building 

We consider team-building one of our strong suits and by establishing, nurturing and maintaining connections, we are better able to understand our partners, communities and hopefully, you! With diligent work, growth in relationships and overall experience, we have access to a valuable network of Business to Business (B2B) referrals as well as much more! Let’s grow together.

COIs We Work With

We have initiated growth-centered partnerships with our client’s other trusted advisors across multiple functions and industries. We aspire to build lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial, and frequently work with COIs such as:

How we partner with audit professionals

How we partner with M&A Attorneys

How we partner with tax professionals

How we partner with VC groups

Other Potential Partners

Discover how we can work together.

Are You a Potential COI?