How To Know When It’s Time To Upgrade Your ERP System

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Every year or so, the big smartphone makers release a new model or new operating systems, and your social media feeds are most likely full of friends trying to figure out whether it’s time to upgrade. We get it — most of us rely on our phones, probably more than any other technology, to run our lives and make things easier. It’s not always easy to know when an upgrade is really worth it. So we’re sympathetic to CFOs and CIOs trying to decide whether it’s the right time to upgrade their ERP system.

Their business has relied on their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to run things for a long time, and even if it’s getting pretty inflexible and inefficient, change is hard for everybody. Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many growing businesses held back by older ERP systems that weren’t made for the pace and complexity of today’s markets. 

Still, upgrading to a new ERP solution isn’t a minor decision. How do you know when the time is right — when the costs of staying put outweigh the time and money you’d invest in an upgrade? Start with our new eBook, Is Your ERP Failing Your Business? 5 Tell-Tale Signs. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses successfully navigate this inflection point and we’re sharing some of our best insights here.

How To Know When It's Time To Upgrade Your ERP System

Get your copy to discover:

  • How ERP systems can become outdated
  • 5 red flags to look for when evaluating your existing solution
  • How to build a strong business case for upgrading
  • Helpful tips to ensure your ERP project doesn’t fail
  • A realistic ERP implementation timeline to stay on track
  • And more!

In the long run, upgrading to a more modern ERP can help keep you competitive. The right solution will help orchestrate and automate your business across people and processes, and position you for greater success down the road. Our eBook also explains some of the pain points you may experience if you don’t upgrade when the time is right, and a realistic overview of the typical implementation timeline. Download your free copy today and if we can be of further assistance, get in touch!