New Hire Experience: The Training Program

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In January, Bridgepoint Consulting had a class of recent college graduates join the Systems Integration team. Our class went through a specific program designed for us, with more intense onboarding and training compared to the team at large. I’ve captured here what we thought of our experience.

Why Interview New Hires?

With a fresh and unbiased perspective, new hires can provide a unique inside look into a company. New hires can readily compare their experience to companies they previously worked for while contrasting other job offers. We can assess whether a company lives up to the standards and ideals portrayed during the interview process.

Honestly, I did not know much about Bridgepoint Consulting before joining. Any interview process can only show you so much of a company. You must be in the day-to-day of working for a company to understand the culture, career opportunities, work-life balance, and nature of the work itself.

I interviewed five of my newly hired NetSuite Consultant peers at Bridgepoint to learn how the company has compared to their expectations. In this first blog post of a three-part series, we will explore the new hire training program experience at Bridgepoint Consulting.

As a company, is Bridgepoint Consulting what you expected before you started?

Bridgepoint is even better than what I expected before starting. During the interview process they talked about the culture a lot – but companies always talk about the culture. When you start working at Bridgepoint, you see how nice and helpful everyone is here.

Alex Barnett

Overall, my experience at BPC has been very welcoming. It’s an environment where I’m encouraged to ask questions and give my input. Especially as someone who is new, you could feel like there are situations where you shouldn’t give feedback. But I’ve always felt my input was sought after at BPC.

– Connor Ontiveros

A lot of companies talk about culture during the interview process, including Bridgepoint. But they are not kidding about the kind of culture they have. Everyone here is so great. They have a good sense of humor and are always willing to lend a hand.

– Melissa Bradford

Did the new hire training program help equip you as a NetSuite Consultant?

After the training program, I felt very confident and understood where to look for things, who to ask for help and how to solve a problem by myself.

– Victor Perez

I was unsure what my work as a NetSuite Consultant was going to look like. I was an accountant previously, so I hadn’t worked as a consultant or with NetSuite. After the training program, I felt more equipped. You learn a lot and it gives you confidence going onto your first project.

Alex Barnett

When I first joined Bridgepoint, I had no NetSuite experience at all, so the platform looked alien to me. After the training program, I had gained the confidence to start solving problems and taking on tasks.

– Melissa Bradford

What have been the most impactful parts of your experience as a new hire at Bridgepoint Consulting?

The best experience I’ve had at BPC is getting to work with other consultants and see the level of professionalism and how smart my co-workers are. The people I’m surrounded by at BPC make me want to be better and work harder.

Victor Perez

The capstone project has been the most impactful part of my experience as a new hire. This was the first time it was up to me to figure out the parameters and then execute the assignment. Going through the process and coming out with the desired result was a big confidence builder.

Pat Dunn

The social events have been the most impactful part of my new hire experience. Nowadays with remote work, it can be hard to get to know people through the computer. It’s impressive that BPC invests heavily not only in people’s technical training, but also in the company culture.

– Connor Ontiveros

What would you like to tell someone who’s considering applying to Bridgepoint Consulting?

Since joining Bridgepoint, I’ve been very impressed by everyone’s positive attitude and willingness to help. No one complains, no one is dragging their feet when it comes to work. Everyone is willing to help solve problems for the team.

Melissa Bradford

Be open to doing different kinds of work that will not only help you evolve as a NetSuite expert but also as a consultant able to help clients through a variety of business needs. Be ready to be a part of a community of people dedicated to their job who are thrilled to help out others and able to take feedback and embrace change.

Connor Ontiveros

Do it. It’s the best job I’ve ever had and the best company. Working for Bridgepoint Consulting makes me happy to go to work.

– Alex Barnett

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