Bridgepoint’s Director, Trent Turner, Relocates to Denver


We’re excited to announce Bridgepoint Consulting’s Director, Trent Turner, will be relocating in 2023 to Denver, Colorado. Turner will team up with Denver’s Director, David Bizzaro, following the success of Bridgepoint’s Dallas office in collaboration with Dallas-Fort Worth’s Director, Stephanie McNelis.

Turner and Bizzaro are charged with expanding business development for financial services geared towards middle-market companies adding to the offices already accelerated growth since launching in 2020. 

Turner, a 31-year industry leader, has been with Bridgepoint since 2018, starting as a CFO Consultant before his current role as Director.

With software and financial services among Denver’s fastest-growing industries, Turner’s unique background integrating financial services and technology solutions across multiple sectors and advising business leaders through Bridgepoint’s consulting CFO services provide clients with the executive experience required to get ahead. 

Bridgepoint Organic Growth

In 2019, Bridgepoint Directors Trent Turner and Stephanie McNelis joined forces overseeing Bridgepoint’s Dallas-Fort Worth office. Turner and McNelis understand how to hire high-quality talent and grow strategically in a fast-changing environment.

Dallas-Fort Worth’s dynamic business community had high demands for value-based solutions for CFOs and finance executives, creating the perfect opportunity for Bridgepoint’s team to drive successful business transformations. The team’s client-focused approach catapulted the accelerated success Bridgepoint’s CFO services have provided to business leaders in DFW.

Quote from Manuel Azuara, Managing Principal of Bridgepoint Consulting

“The work that Trent, Stephanie, and the Dallas-Fort Worth team have done has shown to be a fantastic contribution to the expansion of our company. Trent’s leadership, understanding of the financial market, distinguished background in financial analysis, process improvement, and C-Level executive experience will allow him — and Bridgepoint as a whole — to continue thriving in the Denver market.”

Trent Turner, Bridgepoint Consulting Director, had this to say about Denver relocation:

“Establishing and growing the Dallas-Fort Worth market alongside Stephanie has been an amazing experience and, as a result, has created a strong reputation of excellence for our team in this market. Denver is an up-and-coming area with high growth on the horizon, similar to what we saw in Dallas-Fort Worth for high tech and energy. Partnering with Stephanie in Dallas-Fort Worth has been an incredible venture, and I am eager to unlock new opportunities with David as we continue to accelerate Denver’s growth in 2023.”

Denver’s population boom is a combination of migrating remote workers and retention of its natives and young workers, according to research by the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise. It has seen year-over-year growth, with an expected increase of 3% this year.

Rapid expansion, especially in financial services and tech, often comes with challenges. Understanding emerging trends and providing business leaders the tools to stay malleable to meet market demands is critical. Bridgepoint delivers a broad range of expertise in financial operations, risk management, private equity advisory, technology, and cloud solutions for businesses to stay competitive.

Trent Turner, Director, will relocate summer of 2023 to partner with David Bizzaro, Director in the Denver office. Stephanie McNelis, Director, will continue to lead Bridgepoint’s Dallas-Fort Worth office.

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