Bridgepoint Consulting Hires Business Development Manager for Private Equity, Tate Daugherty, in New York City

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We are pleased to announce that Tate Daugherty has been named as the new business development manager for our private equity advisory practice

Tate has over 5 years of expertise in business development in financial data services.  He has proven experience in working with buy-side clients, strategic corporations, institutional investors, and a wide array of service providers at the fund- and transaction-level.  

In his previous role, Tate was a senior business development manager at PitchBook. From building out contracts for large organizations to working with GPs throughout the lifecycles of their funds, Tate utilized his skills to establish long-lasting relationships with clients and help them strategically reach the next stage of growth. 

Quote from Todd Throckmorton, National Director of Private Equity 

“Tate brings a refreshing and skillful perspective to tackling private equity challenges in today’s competitive and ever-evolving market. With a propensity for developing growing organizations and helping them strategically forge the path to their futures, I firmly believe he will become quite the asset to our team.” 

Todd Throckmorton, National Director of Private Equity

In his new role at Bridgepoint, Tate will be driving the growth of the private equity practice by building strategic partnerships and alliances with PE funds, investment bankers, traditional lenders, law firms and other service providers within the New York market. 

Quote from Tate Daugherty, Business Development Manager for Private Equity 

 “During my short time at Bridgepoint, it’s already become clear to me that their unique way of doing things creates unparalleled results for their clients, and that the people they hire and do business with are truly extraordinary. I look forward to continuing to enhance Bridgepoint’s atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration while identifying new and innovative ways to help our clients prosper.”

Tate Daugherty, Business Development Manager for Private Equity

About Bridgepoint Consulting 

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