May 20, 2020

5 Ways NetSuite Advanced Approvals Brings Efficiency and Control in a Remote Work Environment

By Julianna Holtzman and John Howard

Many employees are now working remotely. However, companies running NetSuite may not be aware of the many capabilities NetSuite software brings to enhance and improve business processes now being executed in a remote model. The Advanced Approvals SuiteSolution is one feature that, when appropriately configured, brings multiple improvements to remote work environments.

A few ideas and use cases include:

  1. Delegate Approval Responsibility to other Employees

    Company furloughs or employee separations can cause approval routing or hierarchies to change quickly. NetSuite users can define back-up approvers when the original approver is out-of-office and specify delegation start and end dates. Manual intervention is eliminated as transactions are automatically routed to the delegate for approval during the defined delegation period. Check out the demo video below for a more in-depth look.

  2. Email Approvals without logging into NetSuite, and for non-NetSuite users

    Many approvals take place informally, after speaking face to face with supervisors in the office. Remote work requires a more systematic approach. Setting up the automatic email approvals in NetSuite, allows approvers to approve or reject transactions all in one place, within their email. As long as an employee record exists in NetSuite for the approver, no login to NetSuite or user license is required for the approvers. Check out the demo video below for an inside look.

  3. Decrease the Approval threshold

    Cash flow is always king, but companies need to be hyper-focused on their cashflow now more than ever. NetSuite can help companies gain more control of cash flow by decreasing the transaction approval dollar threshold allowing users better control when assessing, scrutinizing, and determining expense and bill payments. Without making threshold adjustments, approval routing rules let payments pass through without much oversight. This adjustment will equip your workforce to make more informed decisions and control of cash flow.

  4. Parallel Approvals

    Without face-to-face communication, some companies are having difficulty with existing approval routing processes running in a remote work environment. Also, as mentioned above, additional review of transactions is likely desired. NetSuite Advanced Approvals allows users to define approval rules where multiple approvals from various departments or business units are required before transactions impact the general ledger or cash flow.

  5. Ability to route transactions for approval on behalf of another employee

    While working remotely, established processes might need to be altered on short notice. Using Advanced Approvals, NetSuite users can create transactions in the place of another employee but still maintain the same approval routing, allowing companies to remain agile and efficient while pivoting to a remote working model.

Looking for NetSuite Expertise?

For more details on the Advanced Approvals SuiteSolution in NetSuite, get in touch! Our experts can help you from strategy to execution, working with you to develop the insights to accelerate your business. Learn more about our comprehensive NetSuite Consulting services and solutions here.

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About Julianna Holtzman

Julianna Holtzman is a Consultant in Bridgepoint’s NetSuite Consulting practice. She has worked in NetSuite as a functional consultant for over two years implementing modules for multiple clients in different industries. Julianna honed her analytical and problem-solving skills through practical experience on a ERP team where she was responsible for multiple phases of script testing, database conversion and documentation. She has a degree in Management Information Systems with a concentration in Enterprise Resource Planning from the University of Arkansas. Recent Blog Posts LinkedIn Full Bio
About John Howard

John Howard is a Senior Consultant in Bridgepoint’s NetSuite Consulting practice. He has worked in NetSuite for over 2 years, primarily on the functional side of implementation projects. As a Certified Public Accountant and Certified ERP Consultant, he has contributed to numerous projects to increase the efficiency of companies’ operations in addition to satisfying all the accounting and finance standards required in the system. He has experience with integrations between NetSuite and external systems to assist clients with constant growth and change. His experience is primarily focused on the Software industry. Recent Blog Posts LinkedIn Full Bio