Webinar: Modernization of Cemetery & Funeral Organizations Using NetSuite

In today’s changing digital world, it is critical to implement tools that support companywide operations and access to data. Software, such as NetSuite, is one of the most significant factors that bind organizations to data. On October 12, 2021 Bridgepoint Consulting hosted a virtual webinar, “Modernization of Cemetery and Funeral Organizations Using NetSuite,” to delve into the benefits of integrating modern systems and demonstrate how an ERP transformation can propel an organization forward. 

The discussion, moderated by Hailey Null, Alliance Marketing Manager for Oracle NetSuite, focused on using NetSuite to tackle specific challenges in the cemetery and funeral industry such as contract management, property, and physical inventory tracking, and reoccurring payments. Using Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services and Bridgepoint Consulting’s partnership as a case study, the webinar highlighted how NetSuite implementation transformed business operations. Breaking it down, here are best practices and insights that every firm should consider when choosing NetSuite as their ERP:  

Identify Key Business Drivers throughout the Transformation

“To see our platform, stay relevant was a critical component of this versus getting stuck in a Historic system”- Stephanie Sloane

The number one obstacle for Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services was the varied systems and software that brought them legacy systems from different dioceses, funeral and cemetery systems throughout the country. As a result, Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services was hesitant to pursue another legacy platform.  

Considering the long-term goals of the organization and the speed of technology in today’s world, Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services considered how a legacy system would morph and develop by 2032. Knowing that NetSuite has a SAST product to integrate advances of Fortune 100 organizations, they felt confident in maintaining the resource long-term for industry-specific solutions. 

Navigate the Nuances

“NetSuite has the ability to leverage and extend support to different business processes and provide a transformational visibility into what is going on within the organization.”- Eric Downs

Because legacy systems force organizations into specific protocols with what it can facilitate and how it’s structured, they wind up with very unusual accounting and inventory processes. Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services wanted to implement the most efficient system to track the accounting records. Fortunately, NetSuite’s custom records fit Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services need to have a standardized inventory process. Bridgepoint was able to use several of NetSuite’s new inventory-related technologies to implement management of the financial arrangements, isolating them from orders and providing tremendous visibility and automation around meeting payment obligations throughout the life cycle of the financial contract.

Localize Information for All Employees

“Centralizing everything into a single application transforms the organization to know where the source of truth is and be able to drill into those specific details.”- Eric Downs

By implementing NetSuite, Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services gained immediate access to data and the capacity to drill down into specific details by integrating everything into a single application. When the Pandemic hit, Bridgepoint Consulting created a Suite Bundle that allowed every user to put sticky notes on contract questions and could collaborate back to the company, enabling a faster resolution by compiling all information in one place.  

Transformative Customer Benefits

“Leveraging NetSuite’s native application, Suite Commerce, to be able to extend the application and give that flexibility to families to be able to do self-service was a huge transformation”- Eric Downs

By possessing knowledge at their fingertips and training the entire personnel to address such queries, Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services avoided the specialties that had to occur with outdated systems. The primary goal was to boost visibility, provide more comfort, and deliver the best possible service to families in need of their services. The NetSuite configuration met those goals and allowed the company to become more customer-centric. 

What did FCMS Accomplish?

NetSuite’s open platform provides Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services with opportunities to upgrade business procedures and map inventory components. Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services wanted to create a more robust sales experience for their family service advisors to provide a well-organized sales process that is transparent, informative, and ensures that they hit all the critical components. 

How Bridgepoint Can Help Your Organization

“Having a partner like Bridgepoint Consulting to hold your hand throughout the implementation process was very reassuring to us.”- Stephanie Sloane.

Bridgepoint Consulting is a leading full-service NetSuite Alliance Partner – providing a comprehensive suite of NetSuite solutions to help companies across industries modernize their technology and processes to compete in the digital era. Our team of NetSuite ERP Certified Consultants and NetSuite Certified SuiteCloud Developers support all phases of system development – from implementation and integration – to system customization and optimization. Our NetSuite experts also have deep proficiency across many industries, including eCommerce/Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, SaaS, Wholesale/Distribution, and more. From end-to-end system implementation services—to configuring advanced integrations with other business-critical applications—let us help you obtain real-time visibility into the entire client lifecycle and gain powerful business process automation.

About the Presenters

Stephanie Sloane – Director of Analytics, Catholic Management Services 

Stephanie Sloane is the Director of Analytics at Catholic Management Services, where she has been for over ten years. Stephanie is responsible for providing analysis of financial and operations metrics for the organization. Stephanie is also responsible for financial planning and analysis, reporting and budgeting processes, creating internal controls, and much more. She is passionate about using analytics and data to help the Church understand its families and build sustainable business processes to adapt to their changing needs. Stephanie also played a crucial role in her company’s implementation of NetSuite. 


Hayley Null – Alliance Marketing Manager , Oracle NetSuite 

Hayley is chartered with driving the joint marketing strategy for NetSuite Alliance Partners, including content creation and demand generation efforts. With more than five years of experience at Oracle, Hayley has served as the Industry Marketing Lead for NetSuite’s Manufacturing and Food and Beverage verticals and as a Business Development Consultant for Oracle Customer Experience. Hayley received a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. 

Eric Downs Director, NetSuite

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