Working on Your New Year’s Checklist?

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Resolve to let Bridgepoint extend your reach so you can have a successful and stress-free 2012.

 New Year’s Checklist:

    • Accounting Updates – Accounting standards issued the past few years have refined the methods and requirements for a number of accounting methods: revenue recognition for particular industries, such as software and hardware sales; variable interest entities (VIEs); lease accounting, both for lessee and lessors; financial statement presentation etc.
    • Intangible Assets – Have you reviewed your intangible assets and performed required impairments tests?
    • Clean up and reconcile accounting data from 2011 – Have you addressed all of the “miscellaneous” accounts you promised yourself to address by 2011 and still haven’t?
    • Finalize 2012 budget – Budgeting in today’s world is a dynamic exercise. Have you finished your 2012 Budget?
    • Complete Information Technology system check – With your IP accessible through your netork, IT security is more critical than ever. Isn’t it time to get around to an IT security update?
    • Prepare for auditors – Save time and money by being 100% ready for your auditor’s 2012 visit.
    • Address HR issues and staffing for 2012 – Have you addressed the HR issues you know are a problem? In 2011, the IRS specifically targeted businesses who mis-classified employee/contractors. In addition, undocumented workers can also be a target.
    • Banking Relationships – Are you up to date and current with all of your reporting to your bank and other creditors? Are you in compliance with all loan covenants?

It’s time to get organized for the New Year. Please contact us for more information about Bridgepoint Consulting’s 60+ professionals whose range of experience includes accounting and finance, internal controls, SOX compliance, and IT consulting.