What are the Benefits of NetSuite Consulting? 

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Implementing a cloud-based system like NetSuite is essential for growth, but can be difficult to maneuver without having a skilled NetSuite professional on your team. 

As a leading full-service NetSuite Alliance Partner, we’ve outlined the key benefits of NetSuite consulting – and some of the warning signs that it’s time to turn to an expert for guidance. 

What is NetSuite Consulting? 

NetSuite consulting is the process of turning to a certified NetSuite expert to provide support for your implementation, which involves everything from planning and initial design to continuous optimization of your configuration post-deployment.  

The NetSuite consulting process begins with an assessment of your business needs, processes and current configuration to identify which NetSuite solutions are the best fit and develop a roadmap for bringing them all to life. The end result is a scalable, effective NetSuite solution that provides more real-time visibility, drives operational efficiency and allows you to make informed decisions for growth. 

NetSuite Consulting process: 

  • Assessing business needs, goals and drivers to identify pain points or areas for improvement and develop a roadmap for proposed implementations 
  • Providing end-to-end solution design for new environments or optimization of existing environments, including designing efficient processes for scale 
  • Driving successful implementations of NetSuite with little interruptions to day-to-day operations, including integration between NetSuite and other industry-leading applications  
  • Providing support, user trainings and continuous optimization of your NetSuite configuration post-deployment, creating the capability to better serve customers, reach new markets and drive strategic decision making 

Benefits of NetSuite Consulting 

  1. Ensures proper setup & configuration of NetSuite
  2. Seamless migration to the cloud
  3. Development of customized NetSuite applications that fit individual business needs
  4. Time and money saved as processes are optimized and automated
  5. Continuous optimization of your NetSuite configuration to account for growth
  6. Access to user training, post go-live support and change management programs
  7. Streamlines the M&A process

Ensures proper setup & configuration of NetSuite 

NetSuite has options for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), e-commerce, inventory management, finance and accounting, and more – all of which require having accurate and available documentation in order to ensure proper setup and configuration.  

The NetSuite consulting process will provide an understanding of what needs to be documented and how, helping you centralize vital company information under one comprehensive platform and eliminate the challenges of getting a system successfully up and running. 

Seamless migration to the cloud  

Migrating company information from one system to another can be a difficult and time-consuming process, as any data you migrate will need to be cleaned, formatted or transformed before it’s suitable for NetSuite. 

The NetSuite consulting process will help you identify which data should be migrated and cleansed, eliminating the potential for costly setbacks to arise and ensuring your team has access to the information they need. 

Development of customized NetSuite applications that fit individual business needs 

NetSuite has applications and integrations for inventory, order, supply chain, warehouse, financial management and more – each of which can be customized to suit your individual needs and goals. 

Whether you need to implement better dashboards for reporting purposes or integrate custom forms to capture specific data, the NetSuite consulting process will not only help you understand which applications are relevant to your industry but it will also ensure the development of flexible, scalable customizations that help you reach your goals. 

Time and money saved as processes are optimized and automated 

NetSuite consulting includes utilizing NetSuite’s proprietary scripting language, SuiteScript, to develop workflows, scripts and integrations that provide your team with more visibility into business ongoings and help them do their jobs more efficiently. 

There are also many internal tools for financial and operational process automation, including AP/AR, payroll, expense management, monthly closes, invoice payment, approvals and more. As an expert in SuiteScript, your NetSuite consultant will ensure that business processes that are well suited for automation are seamlessly implemented, saving time and money as you streamline your operations. 

Continuous optimization of your NetSuite configuration to account for growth 

As your business grows and changes, your needs will, too – and you may find that your previous NetSuite configuration no longer suits you.  

Oftentimes, systems only become successful when they’re continuously updated and optimized. The NetSuite consulting process ensures that your system and applications are up to date and that any new or improved opportunities for automation, innovation and efficiency are promptly implemented. 

Access to user training, post go-live support and change management programs 

You can have the best, most optimized configuration in the world – but NetSuite only works if your people understand how to use it for their benefit to help them save time and work more productively. Proper user training is key, but it can be difficult to manage without turning to an expert for guidance.  

A great benefit of the NetSuite consulting process is that it includes options for training, post-go live support and change management programs, ensuring your people get the most value out of your configuration. 

Streamlines the M&A process 

Setting up a successful system is difficult enough on its own – combining systems and processes from two separate entities after a deal goes through is even harder, as each business will have their own unique way of doing things (and the potential to have many different third-party integrations, adding even more complexity to the process). 

NetSuite consulting helps identify areas of collaboration and ensures that any changes are implemented with as little interruption as possible, allowing you to foster more alignment, eliminate redundancy and drive M&A success. 

Signs it’s Time to Hire a NetSuite Consultant 

  • You don’t have anyone on your current team who has the necessary NetSuite expertise to drive implementation success 
  • You aren’t sure which business processes are best suited for automation or which NetSuite applications are the best fit for your goals 
  • Your business needs have changed since you’ve implemented NetSuite and your previous configuration no longer suits you  
  • You’ve already implemented NetSuite, but your users aren’t properly trained on how to make the most of your configuration 
  • You’re gearing up for a merger, acquisition or other transaction and need help eliminating redundancy and fostering alignment 

Need NetSuite Implementation Support?

Bridgepoint Consulting specializes in executing business transformations, driving improved business operations, helping carve–outs become self-sufficient and creating platforms for roll-ups. Our functional resources bring process and configuration knowledge, and our technical resources are capable of developing on the NetSuite platform and creating integrations in a multi-application environment. By focusing on fostering collaboration, rigor and discipline, our experts are best able to drive project success.

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