SOX for Emerging Growth Companies

Successfully Navigate Your Company to SOX Compliance

Bridgepoint partnered with Ernst & Young on March 28, 2012 to provide a comprehensive update and overview of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) audit and management compliance requirements for companies that are poised for continued growth and potential IPOs.

The presentation and discussion included:

  • Overview and history of SOX;
  • New requirements;
  • External auditor expectations;
  • IT security issues and challenges in a “cloud computing” environment;
  • Common challenges and benefits for Emerging Growth Companies (ECGs) as defined by recent passed legislation;
  • Leading practices and methodologies.

Resounding themes discussed by the group for successful SOX implementation included:

  • Organizational buy-in to implement and sustain an effective SOX program;
  • Start SOX readiness early – it always takes longer than anticipated;
  • Apply top-down, risk-based-approach focusing first on pervasive entity-level and IT internal controls over financial reporting and disclosures;
  • Identify key internal control design gaps and deficiencies timely for remediation; and
  • Involve your external auditor throughout the process.

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