White Paper

Latest ERP Industry Trends: What CFOs and Other Decision-Makers Need to Know


Cloud is now the preferred deployment option for industry leaders. With cloud-based ERP solutions, small and medium companies can also take advantage of enterprise-class innovations and compete on a whole new level. Knowing where the industry is going is crucial to making smart decisions that will position your business for future success. Our whitepaper breaks down the latest advances — including IoT and AI — where the leading cloud ERP providers are investing, and how they’re making the cutting edge mainstream. More importantly, it translates those advances to real-world opportunities for your business. Get your free copy today!


  • 5 leading cloud ERP solutions
  • Why cloud unlocks mobility and anytime, anywhere access
  • How ERP leaders are integrating AI to generate deeper and richer insights
  • How advanced ERPs can turn IoT data into a real business advantage
  • Why businesses with on-premise ERPs should consider upgrading now
  • And more!