NetSuite StickyNotes Bring Structure to Unstructured Business Processes

Close up of someone writing a list in a notebook

Many employees are now working remotely, and this new work environment presents many unique challenges for a large number of businesses. Employees have new “co-workers” present, including their spouses, children, and furry friends. Communication amongst actual co-workers has become more siloed, directly impacting business processes efficiency, and structure.

NetSuite has capabilities not only to facilitate remote work but brings efficiency and structure to improve business processes at the same time. The StickyNotes bundle is one example of this capability.

The StickyNotes Bundle (Bundle ID:49018) is a Platform Solution Group (PSG) bundle that users with Administrator security can install. As the name suggests, this bundle enables users to add digital “StickyNotes” to a record in NetSuite. This visual tag is beneficial as users do not have the luxury of visiting a co-worker’s office or talking over the cubical to communicate a quick message regarding a record or transaction. Data contained within the notes can be entered in a disorderly manner, but NetSuite saves and acts upon the information as if it were registered as structured data. Notes are visible to one or more users simultaneously. Thus, StickyNotes help to streamline communication amongst team members and automates business processes.

A few helpful features:

  • StickyNotes have three levels of priority that are color-coded for ease of identification.
  • Users can assign a StickyNote to a single user or make them public for all users. When a StickyNote is assigned to a user and not marked as public, only the assigned user, and the user who created the note will see it.
  • When assigned to a user, they will get an email notification of the note along with a link to the relevant record.
  • Users can reply to a note, and NetSuite will store the conversation in a new note, but within the same “thread.” Maintaining the same “thread” is extremely helpful in retaining an audit trail of the communication within NetSuite, as opposed to having the conversation get fragmented or lost in individual email threads.
  • Additionally, users can add attachments to notes such as images, screenshots, or Microsoft Excel files. They can also filter/sort all the notes assigned to them in different ways using the StickyNotes board.

I hope you found this info helpful. Check out more NetSuite Tips & Tricks here.


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