NetSuite Implementation Consultant Job Opportunities

Communication Connection Digital Devices Technology ConceptLooking for a job as a NetSuite Implementation Consultant? Our NetSuite implementation consultants play a critical role in the delivery of complex end-to-end NetSuite ERP implementations, integrations and business system initiatives.


  • A fun culture and integrated team environment. Culture is the number one thing we hire for. We truly enjoy working with each other, and look for people that will fit right in. When believe that if you are happy at work, this then flows to higher quality services for our clients. We also believe in many team happy hours and activities to bring the team together!
  • Obtain a flexible “work/life” balance.  At Bridgepoint, we believe is fostering a work environment that works best for its employees. Some people prefer to come into the office every day; others prefer to work remotely for part of a week. We support our employees finding the mix that works best for them.
  • A collaborative team that works together to build implementation and design strategy.  No employee will ever be put on an island by themselves, as every project includes multiple project team members. Our monthly NetSuite Team knowledge sharing sessions also provides a platform to share experiences with the team on great solutions and application strategies that have been performed for our clients.
  • You will constantly be challenged.  No project is like one another. We have clients from a wide range of industries. Even companies that appear similar in nature have very different needs. Thus, this position provides an opportunity to continuously grow your professional and interpersonal capabilities and gain a better understanding of how successful organizations operate.
  • Be a big fish in a small pond.  Many of our team members have felt “lost” within a large organization, where their contributions are not always recognized. At Bridgepoint, this position provides the opportunity to have a big influence on the growth and success of the company.
  • Ongoing training and professional development opportunities.  Employees go through a one-month training program upon joining the team, and new employees are assigned a mentor. Bridgepoint also has unlimited training within NetSuite, and supports its employees completing a minimum number of training hours per year. A goal for all employees is to gain certification within the NetSuite application.

We have consulting opportunities available for full-time NetSuite Implementation Consultants.  

Current Openings
NetSuite Implementation Consultant
NetSuite – Austin, Texas
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NetSuite Implementation Consultant
NetSuite – Seattle, Washington
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NetSuite Implementation Consultant
NetSuite – Dallas, Texas
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NetSuite Implementation Consultant
NetSuite – Houston, Texas
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Key Contacts for NetSuite Implementation Consultant Job Opportunities

Julie Lence Executive Internal Recruiter
Beth Wilson Internal Recruiting Specialist