Solution Architects & Design Consultants: What They Do & How They Help

Considering a tech upgrade, systems implementation or other solution-design-related activity to help bring your business to the next level in 2023?

Streamline operations, safeguard company data, continue driving innovation, and grow your business in 2023 with the support of a solution architect – also called a solution design consultant – on your side. 

Everything you need to know about Solution Architects & Design consultants:

  1. What is solution design?
  2. What does a solution architect & design consultant do?
  3. How can a solution architect & design consultant help your business?
  4. When should you hire a solution architect & design consultant?

What is Solution Design?

Solution design is the first step toward deploying a technology solution. During this process, a roadmap is created to outline the steps to implement software, programs, tools, applications or other technical infrastructures. It involves planning, designing models, evaluating technology solutions, implementation, automation and optimization.

What does a Solution Architect / Design Consultant do?

Solution architects / design consultants create the technical vision for solutions that will help organizations reach their business goals. By working alongside high-level executives to understand their goals, they can identify potential areas for improvement and develop an implementation strategy that suits their needs.

From developing your vision and strategy mapping to executing key initiatives, solution design experts help you transform every aspect of your organization by providing all necessary planning and initial design for future state business and software architecture.

Skills of Solution Architects / Design Consultants:

  • Designing roadmaps for implementation
  • Migrating, implementing and optimizing systems
  • Evaluating best-of-breed software and emerging technologies
  • Reworking technical infrastructure
  • Staying up to date on new technologies and changes or updates to systems
  • Automating business processes
  • Testing systems on an ongoing basis

How can a Solution Architect / Design Consultant help your business?

Solution architects and solution design consultants help build and implement software systems to meet your critical business needs through the following:

  • Cutting down on overhead costs with optimization tools and technologies that are designed to fit your specific company needs 
  • Enhancing your team’s productivity as processes are streamlined, and performance is measured, fostering more company-wide alignment 
  • Integrating measures to safeguard important company data, reducing the potential for risk
  • Enabling end-to-end business transformations with modern and proven methodologies 
  • Providing access to change management experts, hands-on training and post-optimization support to save time and reduce costs while ensuring you get the most value out of your implementation

How do I know if I need to hire a Solution Architect / Design Consultant?

When you are considering an implementation, hiring a solution architect is essential to identifying the best-fit technology solutions to meet and implement your needs with as few interruptions as possible.

Solution architects help streamline communication between technical and non-technical experts and collaborate with the project management team to mitigate risks. Without a solution architect, you may waste time and money on solutions that don’t work.

Working with a solution design architect will align large-scale company goals with day-to-day operations and ensure an efficient technology journey.

Need Solution Design Support?

For transformative initiatives, Bridgepoint Consulting provides planning and initial design for the future state business and software architecture.  This can include areas such as shared services models, foundational ERP, evaluating best of breed software and technical infrastructure.

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