IT Security & Compliance Consultants: What Do They Do & How Do They Help?

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Business leaders must focus on implementing technology that works for their goals and needs to ensure scalable growth. Without the right oversight, these solutions can quickly turn harmful.

Cybersecurity attacks, the rise of system hacking, vulnerabilities within cloud-based software and adherence to emerging data privacy and protection laws are cited as some of the most prominent IT security concerns for companies today. To mitigate IT risks and comply with today’s regulations, you’ll want to turn to an IT security and compliance consultant for guidance.

Everything you need to know about IT Security & Compliance consultants:

  1. What is IT Security & Compliance?
  2. What does an IT Security & Compliance consultant do?
  3. How can an IT Security & Compliance consultant or team help your business?
  4. When should you hire an IT Security & Compliance consultant or team?

What is IT Security & Compliance?

IT security is a critical business function that safeguards company data, devices, software and other technologies against threats. IT compliance is a process that monitors and assesses the IT environment for regulatory compliance and implements measures to adhere to standards and best practices.

IT Security & Compliance activities:

  • IT Security: Protecting your organization via cybersecurity/IT risk assessments and utilizing findings to develop and integrate IT security strategies that consider current and future threats.
  • Data Privacy: Developing and implementing data privacy programs that safeguard your information and address needs for GDPR/CCPA readiness, SOC 2 privacy, data protection impact assessments and data privacy framework development.
  • IT Compliance: Ensuring that IT products and services are compliant with laws and regulations, conducting assessments to ensure SOC 1 and SOC 2 readiness, IT SOX compliance, HIPAA compliance and to establish compliance frameworks such as ISO 2700/1, CIS, NIST and PCI.

What does an IT Security & Compliance consultant do?

An IT security and compliance consultant’s main goal is to assess the business for potential IT risks and vulnerabilities and implement measures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

From implementation to optimization and beyond, an IT security and compliance consultant or team of consultants is there to develop strategies, controls and methodologies to protect IT infrastructure, networks and data with a focus on reducing risk, making business processes more efficient and ensuring everyone has a solid understanding of how to make the most of their technology systems and solutions.

Skills of IT Security & Compliance consultants:

  • Conducting assessments of your current IT environment to identify risks and areas for improvement
  • Developing roadmaps for implementing IT security strategies
  • Working across teams to implement software, systems, applications and more while ensuring everyone is properly trained on how to use them
  • Testing systems and technologies to drive efficiency and reduce vulnerabilities
  • Performing IT audits to establish compliance with laws and regulations
  • Performing penetration testing
  • Implementing comprehensive vulnerability management systems
  • Setting up shared disaster recovery/business continuity plans
  • Developing and integrating data privacy plans

How can an IT Security & Compliance consultant or team help your business?

  • Safeguarding important company data
  • Reducing the risk of a cybersecurity attack or breach and integrating effective response measures
  • Building trust and credibility for your business
  • Streamlining the compliance process to ensure compliance with laws and regulations

When should you hire an IT Security & Compliance consultant or team?

In today’s increasingly digital landscape, IT security should be top of mind for businesses in all industries.

Setting yourself up for success from the get-go is much easier than dealing with the repercussions of a cybersecurity attack – so whether you’re looking to integrate a new business software, ensure SOC readiness or anything else related to IT, hiring an IT security and compliance consultant or team is essential for reducing the potential for a breach and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

Need IT Security & Compliance Support?

As part of your growth goals, you are constantly updating and adopting new technologies to improve operational efficiency, productivity and profitability. You are challenged with strengthening your security while also complying to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Bridgepoint Consulting understands the key issues and ongoing security risks you face and will develop an effective and secure environment to safeguard your organization today and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.

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