Customer Success Consultant: What They Do & How They Help Your Business

Growing your business requires a heavy focus on enhancing customer experience and utilizing data-driven technology to understand consumer trends.

To provide your customers, employees and administrators with a seamless year-over-year experience, it’s essential to turn to a customer success consultant for guidance.

Everything you need to know about customer success consultants:

  1. What is customer success?
  2. What does a customer success consultant do?
  3. How can a customer success consultant help your business?
  4. When should you hire a customer success consultant?

What is Customer Success?

Customer success ensures customers are reaching the desired outcomes expected when using an organization’s products or services, helping to increase customer retention and drive revenue.

A successful customer success method aligns business goals with the need for a flexible, high-quality support model to realize value within a technological environment (such as NetSuite, Oracle or other Customer Relationship Manager).

What does a Customer Success consultant do?

Customer success consultants leverage technology, processes and people to build a scalable business plan utilizing your preferred Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) They identify which solutions will work best for both you and your customer’s needs, integrate better methods of gathering and analyzing data, and provide support and training to help your business achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Skills of Customer Success consultants:

  • Working with high-level executives to understand key business drivers and customer trends
  • Developing roadmaps for strategies and implementations
  • Tracking and analyzing customer success metrics
  • Integrating new technologies, systems or applications to provide real-time consumer insights
  • Leveraging customer data to make informed decisions
  • Streamlining processes and driving growth
  • Training customer-facing employees on how to improve customer service and retention

How does a Customer Success consultant help your business?

  • Engaging new customers and retaining current ones
  • Ensuring you receive the most out of your implementation through constant monitoring, reporting and strategizing
  • Integrating a seamless onboarding process by acting as a change management expert while providing hands-on training and post-implementation support
  • Cutting down on costs with optimization tools and technologies that are designed to fit your individual business needs 
  • Boosting your customer satisfaction levels as processes are streamlined and measured, fostering more company-wide alignment 
  • Providing better access to and acquisition of important company data, analytics reports and customer insights  

When should you hire a Customer Success consultant?

Customer friction can arise from anywhere at any time. As soon as you’re able, it’s vital to turn to a customer success consultant to integrate responsive, adaptable and scalable measures that aggregate data for real-time decision-making.

When you turn to a customer success consultant for guidance, you’ll be prepared to provide value for your customers today and into the future.

Need Customer Success Support?

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