NetSuite Ecommerce Integration Provides Real-time Visibility & Reduces Setbacks for Media Client

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Success Partners is a media, publications and communications company providing business-building products for direct-sales companies. The company also offers the services of branding experts, a fully staffed creative team, and a logo-apparel design and event-vending department. Its publishing division creates interactive publications to grow revenue for client companies.


After experiencing rapid business growth, Success outgrew the functionality and capabilities of its existing SAGE ERP application and decided to purchase NetSuite. After disappointing implementation and integration experiences, Success concluded that it needed a technical-resources team that truly understood the system architecture and nuances of NetSuite configuration settings to allow for seamless and efficient communication between systems.

Midway through implementation, Bridgepoint Consulting stepped in to deliver the expertise needed to configure the NetSuite application, reach core milestones and help achieve business process objectives. Bridgepoint established and executed on a sound configuration strategy; migrated large core datasets; tested, trained and supported Success employees; and helped Success integrate Magento, RF-SMART and Pacejet into NetSuite.


Bridgepoint helped Success overcome earlier implementation setbacks and enabled the company to fully integrate its Magento ecommerce webstore with NetSuite; implement NetSuite Partner solutions to automate back-office processes; and integrate inventory management and fulfillment solutions with NetSuite for increased efficiencies. Bridgepoint also created dashboards to provide Success with real-time visibility into the business.

Before Bridgepoint

  • Numerous implementation setbacks
  • Inefficient communication between systems
  • Lack of integration between multiple third party solutions

After Bridgepoint

  • Full integration with ecommerce, inventory management and fulfillment solutions
  • Real-time visibility into the business
  • Back-office automation