NetSuite Process Automation Drives Increased Customer Satisfaction for Right Stuf, Inc.


Right Stuf, Inc. is an independent video publisher and distributor that specializes in Asian entertainment, particularly Anime, Manga, Figures and Merchandise. The Right Stuf, Inc. also licenses and distributes titles under its Nozomi Entertainment label. Its website is the largest online anime and manga specialty retailer in North America, offering more than 24,000 unique products from across the anime industry. Founded in 1987, Right Stuf, Inc. is headquartered in Grimes, Iowa.

Our Approach

Business Challenge: Critical Optimizations After Migrating to NetSuite

The majority of Right Stuf’s ecommerce business runs on NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced, and the company uses Cybersource as a payment processor. During the migration from Ecometry to NetSuite, it became clear that some optimizations would be needed to integrate ecommerce and payment capabilities in a way that ensured flexible ordering and billing processes in several key areas. For example, the company needed to be able to define a range of credit-card pre-authorization amounts, send partial shipments of multiple items and prioritize processing based on value, age of order and other criteria. After unsuccessfully attempting to have another provider code the optimizations for these and other issues, the company engaged Bridgepoint.


Using an agile methodology, Bridgepoint Consulting delivered a timely solution to Right Stuf’s needs. Bridgepoint built a selector tool to filter orders by various criteria for prioritization, created a mechanism whereby Right Stuf could preauthorize credit cards for flexible amounts (and automatically set orders to Pending Approval status if authorization failed), and added several new automatic billing capabilities.

  • Throughout the development process, Bridgepoint also used the latest web technologies to allow instant feedback from Right Stuf and tracking of issues and fixes.
  • Solution provided just in time for the busy holiday season, supplying Right Stuf with better control over its fulfillment operations. 
  • Customer satisfaction increased, thanks to customers consistently receiving their items as quickly as possible.
  • Improvements to payment-related processes are speeding credit authorizations and dramatically reducing double-authorization issues. 
  • The solution has significantly reduced administrative hours spent on manual tasks in NetSuite.

What the Client Says

The Bridgepoint Consulting team did a great job of taking the time to understand our requirements fully. It was clear that they tested the code extremely well, as the changes post go-live were minor. I appreciate that because had this project not been successful, we most likely would have had to roll back to our old system to get through the holidays.


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