GDPR & Data Privacy Solution & Support Drives Operational Improvements & Risk Reduction for Publicly Traded Software Company

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The client is a publicly traded software company that specializes in cloud-based logistics and supply chain management software. As a global organization with multiple locations, they were faced with many challenges when attempting to ensure compliance with the stringent data privacy regulations set forth by GDPR – and thus, they turned to Bridgepoint’s risk experts for guidance in developing scalable GDPR compliance initiatives and documentation, helping drive process efficiency and providing the client’s employees with more time to focus on their day-to-day. 

Bridgepoint Consulting is proud to have a longstanding relationship with the client and has previously performed multiple data privacy assessment and documentation projects. 


The client engaged Bridgepoint for GDPR compliance support after they ran into issues related to limited time and resources. In addition, as they had recently gone through an acquisition, they were experiencing significant operational changes regarding their people, processes and technology – which also led to the need to identify all relevant process areas for documentation and assessment. Considering that the client is a global organization, this process became even more complex. 

Bridgepoint Consulting’s risk and compliance team worked closely with management to identify key processes and develop best practice templates and strategies for GDPR-related documentation. We provided a formal cadence and structure to discovery interviews, status reports and project deliverables. By offering regular updates and hosting stakeholder meetings, we were able to drive consistent project success and keep everyone informed.  


After engaging Bridgepoint, the client now has standardized process and documentation formats for ongoing GDPR compliance, helping them save up to millions of dollars by avoiding costly fines set forth by GDPR. The client saved hundreds of hours as Bridgepoint consultants stepped in to supplement their existing team. Lastly, due to our provision of best-practice templates that allow management to continue the initiatives on an ongoing basis, they will be able to continue to drive efficiency in the months and years to come. 

Before Bridgepoint: 

  • Limited time and company resources 
  • Issues ensuring GDPR compliance 
  • Process inefficiency as a result of a resent acquisition 

After Bridgepoint: 

  • More time to focus on goal development and actualization 
  • Standardized process and documentation formats for ongoing GDPR compliance and documentation 
  • Best practice templates to drive efficiency 

Services Provided: