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Case Study

Customized NetSuite Solution Cuts Manual Process Time by 40% for Engineering Consulting Firm

Before Bridgepoint:

  • Limited insight into project progress, profitability and gross margin reporting
  • Insufficient billing automation for diverse project scenarios
  • Complexities in capturing and billing project expenses accurately
  • Inadequate utilization metrics for evaluating team performance
  • Fragmented accounting processes stemming from disconnected
    shared service environment


After Bridgepoint:

  • Robust custom reporting packages
  • Automated project schedule setup and improved project management
  • Elimination of manual invoicing
  • Integrations to automate proposals, estimating, preliminary project data and billable expense flow



Project Overview

The client – Building Engineering Consultants Inc. (BECI) – engaged Bridgepoint to leverage NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA) to streamline project management and billing operations.


After outgrowing their legacy ERP system, the client was running into issues surrounding data management, manual billing processes, poor project visibility, and limitations in financial reporting. As a result, they needed to update their platform and other disparate systems with an integrated approach.


After working closely with the client to align on needs and goals, the Bridgepoint team identified that the client’s pain points could best be mitigated by integrating NetSuite, Salesforce, Bamboo HR and Ramp Expense Management.

Our consultants leveraged pre-built Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) customizations to streamline the build of NetSuite and improve BECI’s day-to-day business operations by:

    • Automating project creation and project schedule setup to provide project managers with more time to focus on execution and reduce manual project setup time.

    • Developing custom invoicing packages and PDFs to provide the client with a comprehensive view of the billing process.

    • Customizing timesheets and time entry processes by establishing better controls to ensure billable and non-billable time could be captured and processed efficiently.

    • Building custom yet flexible charge rules for various billing scenarios for projects with T&M, Milestone, and Fixed Fee billing activities.


After completing the project, the client decreased their manual process time by 40 percent, obtained more real time visibility and control over project ongoings, and simplified and streamlined their project billing process.

Services Provided