Bridgepoint’s Director, Tommy Hannan, Relocates to Austin


We’re excited to announce Bridgepoint Consulting’s Director, Tommy Hannan, will be relocating in 2023 to Austin, Texas, due to accelerated growth in the Austin market.

Bridgepoint’s flagship location has seen tremendous growth in recent months. Hannan will rejoin the Austin team following the success of opening Bridgepoint’s Denver office with David Bizzaro in September 2020. 

Hannan, a 15-year industry veteran, has been with Bridgepoint for seven years. Hannan’s ability to lead teams and provide exceptional client delivery exemplifies Bridgepoint’s established credibility since its formation in 1999.

Bridgepoint Organic Growth

After repeated success supporting clients during hyper-growth initiatives, Bridgepoint Directors Tommy Hannan and David Bizzaro teamed up to pioneer Bridgepoint’s first office expansion outside of Texas in Denver, Colorado, furthering its organic growth strategy.

Together they oversaw the expansion from concept to execution, launching the Denver office in September 2020. Since launch, the Denver team has grown over ten times in size. Despite a pandemic, labor crisis, and looming economic turmoil, the team’s determination, people-focused values, and tenure supporting financial teams made the difference, driving early success for Bridgepoint’s business.

Quote from Manuel Azuara, Managing Principal of Bridgepoint Consulting

“Tommy has seen our organization grow across multiple locations. He understands what businesses need to thrive in all economic situations. The decision to expand in Bridgepoint’s headquarters is a true testament to the strength of Austin’s market as one of 2022 fastest-growing US cities, with a GDP growth of 4.3%.”

“Tommy knows Austin, from the people to the businesses, and can immediately jump in to assist our clients. We are grateful for the success Tommy, David, and our Denver team have accomplished in only a few years. I look forward to Tommy’s support as we expand Austin’s offerings in 2023 and David’s continued success with the addition of Director Trent Turner joining the Denver team.”

Tommy Hannan, Bridgepoint Consulting Director, had this to say about Austin relocation:

“I am very fortunate for the experience opening the Denver office with David, and at a critical time economically for so many companies. From day one, we made a real difference in a new market for businesses impacted by financial challenges and navigating a new way of working. Building a new market is no simple feat; the people in Denver were incredibly welcoming and appreciative of our team’s experience, which was a big reason for our early success. While I will miss the people in Denver, I am eager to carry this momentum back to Austin.”

As Austin’s market grows, Bridgepoint Consultants are uniquely qualified to fill critical gaps and provide strategic support for business leaders. Bridgepoint delivers a broad range of expertise in financial operations, risk management, private equity advisory, technology, and cloud solutions.

Tommy Hannan, Director, will relocate to Austin summer of 2023. David Bizzaro, Director, will continue to lead the Denver market alongside Trent Turner, Director, who will be relocating from Bridgepoint’s Dallas office.

About Bridgepoint Consulting

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