October 4, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Jana Bates, Financial Consultant


Welcome to another edition of our Employee Spotlight blog series. In today’s interview, we’re shining a spotlight on Jana Bates, Financial Consultant. I recently sat down with Jana to learn about her role, what she finds rewarding about consulting and why relationships have been key to her success.

Jana Bates headshot


  • Name: Jana Bates
  • Title: Consultant
  • Department/Practice Area: Financial Consulting (Fin Ops)
  • Time at Bridgepoint: 5 years and 9 months
  • Hometown: Longview, Texas
  • Education and Certifications: BBA in Accounting from Baylor University
  1. What is your role at Bridgepoint? I am a Fin Ops Consultant – Senior. Controller/Project Manager
  2. How did you decide upon a career in consulting? This is actually my second stint in consulting. I started with another firm back in 2005, and eventually accepted a permanent Controller role with a client company. After being in that role for four years, I realized that I got bored easily and was no longer being challenged. That role helped me to discover that I’m better suited for consulting. I feel like I can make more of an impact in a shorter amount of time, and it is always challenging.
  3. What attracted you to Bridgepoint? I had known the Bridgepoint team for years, and even worked with them as a client. They have a stellar reputation in the business community and are known for treating their employees well, so it was an easy decision to join the team.
  4. What’s your favorite aspect of your job? I love the variety and flexibility in my job, as well as having the opportunity to meet new and interesting people regularly. I’ve worked in many different industries with projects ranging from Interim Controller, to setting up a shared service center. Some projects are long-term, while others may only be a few weeks. Regardless of the project, developing those relationships has been truly rewarding.
  5. What does winning a Bridgie mean to you? It’s exciting to be recognized. I believe in Bridgepoint and the level of service that we provide our clients. It is always my goal to do everything I can to promote this great company and to help us grow, so being rewarded for that is an honor.
  6. What advice do you have for new consultants who want to grow their career at Bridgepoint? Listening and understanding the client’s needs is critical. One of the keys to success for me has been communication. I make it a point to regularly communicate with the client regarding needs and expectations, and to also regularly communicate with the Bridgepoint team on ways that we can help them achieve their goals. It’s also important to know your weaknesses and utilize all the expertise within the team to help overcome those.
  7. What do you like to do in your spare time? What are some of your hobbies? I enjoy reading, travel, food (both cooking and eating) and wine.
  8. What is one fun fact that would surprise people? While I consider myself a foodie, I have quite a few food aversions and quirks. For example, I love pickles, but hate cucumbers.

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