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Operating in today’s tech-forward financial landscape demands threat intelligence, preventive controls and agile responses. Balancing these challenges in an ever-shifting regulatory market creates additional complexities that can lead to reactive risk management. We translate insight to action by equipping organizations with proactive, on-demand solutions so you can embrace uncertainty, mitigate risk and empower organizational growth. Sign up for a free assessment today.

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Our Process

What’s included in
the assessment?

Ready to discuss our risk management services? Our team is eager to jump into the conversation and help you be better prepared for the unexpected and foresee potential issues before they cause harm to your business.

  • Our free two-hour assessment includes a meeting with our risk experts to review your risk environment, understand vulnerabilities, and develop strategies to proactively mitigate risks and drive optimal allocation of resources.

  • During the risk assessment review, you’ll provide our risk management experts with a 30-minute guided tour of your company environment, including:

    1. Cybersecurity
    2. Data Privacy
    3. Enterprise Risk
    4. Financial Reporting Risk
    5. Fraud or Potential for Fraud
    6. SOC Readiness
    7. Long-term vs. Short-term Objectives
    8. Bottlenecks, Pain Points or Wishlist Items
    9. Data Quality/Integrity
    10. Process Documentation and Optimization
    11. Regulatory Compliance
    12. Accounting/Finance Controls
    13. Reporting and Analytics

  • 1. Recommendations for process improvement
    2. Findings Report: 3 to 5 key takeaways/risk areas the assessment team uncovered
    3. Estimate for recommended projects

Why Bridgepoint?

We empower growth in our partners, people and communities.

We bring trust and transparency to every client relationship with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. Together, we solve complex problems, take bold steps forward and redefine what’s possible.

Bridgepoint has been a critical factor in the success of [our company’s] SOX program. They brought, and continue to bring, expertise in compliance along with offering practical solutions when we identified challenges. Bridgepoint is our ‘go-to’ partner.

Biopharmaceutical Company

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