Bridgepoint Recruiting Activity Increasing

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Bridgepoint Recruiting has seen a significant increase in activity recently. Hiring by Central Texas companies is on a dramatic upswing, as companies are filling open and newly created positions. The challenge has quickly shifted from companies selecting talented individuals from an under-employed workforce to locating the “A” players that companies desperately need to build and drive the success with their Finance team.
Here are just a few highlights from recent months that evidence our great start to 2011:

  • We placed a Corporate Controller with a publicly-traded software company in Austin. The search led us to an outstanding candidate from the Dallas market that was looking to relocate his family to Austin.
  • A fast-growing Manufacturing client of ours, one of the leading employers in Austin, turned to Bridgepoint after an exhausting 3 month search for an experienced Sr. Financial Analyst. They had vetted over 15 individuals through the hiring process without identifying a finalist. Within a few days, we sourced a true “A” player in the market who was interested in the role. She started with our client in January.
  • Bridgepoint partnered with a Venture Capital-backed technology company in their search for an Accounting Manager to build a top-notch Accounting department from scratch. Our candidate has a successful track record with one of the Big 4 Audit firms and has hit the ground running, contributing to our client’s extremely fast growth!

Interestingly, another change in the dynamics is employee loyalty to their current employers. Here are the top 5 reasons (objections) we hear today from potential candidates that decide to stay with their current job:

  1. Newfound confidence and excitement about their employer’s financial results or business strategy.
  2. Recently received a raise or promotion!
  3. Increased sense of loyalty and camaraderie at their current job after making it through lean times.
  4. Upcoming significant bonus payout (unheard of in 2009-2010!)
  5. Too busy at their current job to devote time to a search!!

As always, if your company has a Permanent need in Accounting/Finance, please contact Spencer Epley, Recruiting Manager, to discuss how Bridgepoint might assist in the search. Also, if you know of a qualified candidate seeking a new opportunity in Austin, don’t hesitate to make an introduction. Phone: 512.437.7924; e-mail: