Bridgepoint 2.0

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After a few months of work rejiggering our online presence, Bridgepoint’s home on the world wide web is entering a new era. While the site is designed to provide more ease of access to current and perspective clients looking to explore our extensive consulting and advisory offerings, we’re particularly excited about the opportunity to broadcast the insight we’re constantly gathering in our work with mid-market firms, start-ups and high growth enterprises.

You’ll be able to find those updates weekly, right here on our blog. In addition, you can sign up for our e-newsletter and find out about the ongoing events we offer as part of our service to clients and the Texas business community.

In coming weeks, we’ll also be taking this opportunity to invite you to engage with us through a few social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook. We’ll save new media innovation for the start-ups we service, but we’re happy to be providing a set of more robust channels through which clients and colleagues can keep up to date on what Bridgepoint is doing and thinking.

Keep checking back here on the blog and, as always, e-mail us with any feedback.

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