NetSuite vs OpenAir Comparison: Features, Strengths & Weaknesses

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To help our clients evaluate professional services automation (PSA) applications, we developed a NetSuite SRP vs. OpenAir Comparison Chart to identify the strengths and limitations of each.

We’ve summarized our high-level summary findings in this article.

From a project accounting perspective, both OpenAir and NetSuite SRP provide seamless functionality to invoice customers and record customer payments, whether your project uses billing charge rules, time and materials, or fixed fees.

And because OpenAir will integrate to NetSuite, both solutions can provide an end-to-end (CRM-to-ERP) business process.

Which Professional Services Software is Better: NetSuite SRP or OpenAir?

OpenAir features:

OpenAir scores major points with customers for its flexible billing rules and pre-built project management reports.

While both applications allow creation of complex billing rules (Charge Based, Time & Materials, and Fixed Fees), OpenAir allows additional flexibility and can meet the needs of the most complex contract billing scenarios.

When it comes to Resource Management, OpenAir is our favorite for user-friendly views into resource allocations and project tasks assignments.

Although NetSuite SRP has similar, if not identical resource allocation views, which allow you to search for resources by Job Title, Availability, or Skillsets.

OpenAir gets our vote for the better user experience and the ability to assign multiple resources to a project in one step.

NetSuite SRP features:

NetSuite SRP’s most notable strengths come from the customization functions of the NetSuite platform.

Key Strengths of NetSuite SRP:

  • Global search function allows for easy search of projects, invoices or customer records
  • End-to-end business processes prevent employees from having to re-key data or keep separate business applications synced or updated

While OpenAir does allow you to add custom fields and scripts, it doesn’t compare to the customization capabilities of NetSuite SRP.

Because NetSuite SRP is part of the world-class NetSuite Platform, you can leverage Suite Solutions to enhance or automate almost every aspect of your professional services application.

NetSuite vs OpenAir Comparison Chart

Download our NetSuite SRP vs. OpenAir Comparison Chart to help you identify the full list of strengths and limitations of each software so that you can make the best decision for your organization.

Bringing It All Together

Overall, both applications earn high marks for seamless project accounting and flexibility around resource management views, but NetSuite SRP is the clear winner for its customization and business process automation.

If your business is currently running OpenAir or considering a switch to OpenAir from another professional services application, review this NetSuite SRP vs. OpenAir Comparison Chart to help you make the best decision.

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