The Case for Cloud-Based ERP

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CFO-Magazine-Logo1Once burned, twice shy: That’s the experience many companies have had with on-premise ERP. We’ve all heard the horror stories of years-long implementations, budget overruns, and dubious benefits upon go-live. Who can blame a CFO for being reluctant to go through it all over again — even if the ERP that’s currently in place is cumbersome to customize, update, and maintain?

The good news is that given the evolution of technology and emergence of a secure cloud, moving to a new ERP solution doesn’t have to be the high-risk proposition it once was. Perhaps that’s why the market for SaaS ERP software today is growing, according to statistics from Forrester Research — and the market for on-premise ERP software is not.

Bridgepoint Principal Michael Johnson and Manager Debbie Schultz make a compelling case for moving to a cloud-based ‪‎ERP‬ solution in CFO Magazine. Read the full article here: