ManpowerGroup Survey: Talent is Getting Harder to Find

Dried up rocks

Texas is experiencing a drought in water. Employers are experience a drought in candidates. According to a survey by ManpowerGroup, employers say a talent shortage has saddled their efforts to fill jobs.

“More than 50% of U.S. employers reported having difficulty filling “mission-critical” positions within their companies, up from 14% in 2010. Among the hardest positions to fill included jobs in skilled trades, sales and engineering.”

The survey states that employers attributed their difficulties to candidates’ lack of experience and technical skills, and to applicants’ looking for too much money, the report says. An aging workforce and a shortage of young people replacing their positions have added to the challenge.

One notable recommendation from the Manpower Group article is that “companies abandon the status quo and focus on hiring people who are a ‘teachable fit’, meaning those with the right soft skills who can later be taught the technical skills needed to perform a job.”    Read full report 

Ten Quick Ways to Boost Agility (Source: ManpowerGroup)

  1. Be Nimble: Don’t expand or contract workforces in response to every data point. Think customizable workforce solutions to account for continued change in economic conditions.
  2. Engage: Listen to your people to retain the brightest and best. What they want (e.g., flexible work arrangements) may even save money.
  3. Nurture: Often the most loyal and best company ambassadors are those that have developed through the ranks. Invest in these “high potentials.”
  4. Be Flexible: Contract, interns, part-timers, virtual workers are increasingly the norm. Being open makes you more flexible.
  5. Establish Preferred Suppliers: Establish close relationships with talent providers that understand your industry, offering, culture and company brand.
  6. Invest in Employer Brand: Give in-demand talent a reason to work for you over your competitor.
  7. Be Social: For the youngest worker segment, social commitment can determine the employer of choice. Same goes for the shareholders.
  8. Partner with Schools: Offer paid or course credit internships. For skilled technical talent, partner up to offer custom training.
  9. Out-of-Office? Okay!: Attract the army of talented workers who aren’t keen to be office bound. Save money while you’re at it.
  10. Create a Culture of Teachable Fit; Emotional intelligence + transferrable skills = potential talent shortage solution. Don’t be limited to a checklist of non-negotiable attributes and skills

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