Cyber Security & Compliance Framework

Public sector and enterprise organizations require a practical security methodology that is integrated with their everyday operations to effectively mitigate ever-evolving security threats and help ensure comprehensive regulatory compliance and data privacy. To help you succeed in this area, Bridgepoint Consulting has created a Cyber Security Compliance Framework. Download your free copy of the e-book today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maturity Assessment
  • Gap Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Risk Prioritization & Tactical Remediation
  • Strategic Roadmap & Security Architecture Development
  • Continuous Improvement & Adaptability

What the Client Says

The Bridgepoint Consulting team did a great job of taking the time to understand our requirements fully. It was clear that they tested the code extremely well, as the changes post go-live were minor. I appreciate that because had this project not been successful, we most likely would have had to roll back to our old system to get through the holidays.

Christine Morgan Vice President of Right Stuf
About Bridgepoint

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