Enabling Business Transformation at Private Equity Companies

Even as the private equity environment is becoming more challenging than ever, amid uncertainty on interest rates and greater government scrutiny, the global value of private equity buyouts is more visible and bigger than ever.

Private equity’s reputation to relentlessly focus on increasing the value of their portfolio of companies has helped fuel this growth. Though the ability to achieve high returns can be attributed to many factors, determined focus on cash flow and margin improvements and the strict adherence to new government regulations are among the key considerations for the private equity firms we talk to.

As strategic partners to many Private Equity firms, we attempt here to present NetSuite’s perspective on how our organization’s expertise and platform can enable operation managers at your organization to standardize business processes and improve compliance, thus increasing enterprise value of your businesses while providing a consistent and real-time visibility to the stakeholders about the state of their investments.

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  • Industry trends and the private equity stakeholder’s objective
  • How to create operational value

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