Bridgepoint Consulting Rolls-out New Company Logo

AUSTIN, TX – April 2, 2012 – Celebrating thirteen years in business, Bridgepoint Consulting today officially launched a new company logo. The new logo symbolizes the company’s growth and stability as well as their renewed focus and commitment to partner with organizations to “extend their reach” by providing strategic consulting services related to finance, IT and management.

The new logo is a simplified translation of a solid bridge that arches over the name. The Bridgepoint Consulting name, coupled with the sky blue arch, unifies the breadth of Bridgepoint’s professional expertise and accurately represents the company’s forward-thinking vision and long-term strength in the Texas market.

“The current business environment presents new challenges that limit many organizations’ ability to quickly and cost-effectively solve problems related to finance and technology. The Bridgepoint arch stands for the stability, breadth and expertise that we provide to our clients to seamlessly extend capacity of leadership and other resources – thus extending their reach,” says Bill Patterson, Principal, Bridgepoint Consulting. “The new logo also signals our capacity as a trusted partner that is always looking forward.”

Since 1999, Bridgepoint has continued to grow, evolve and expand practice areas and professional staff, which now includes six practice areas and 70+ employees. In addition to the Central Texas region, Bridgepoint has a Dallas office as well as plans for even greater geographic presence within the next two years.

“Our goal is to continue to increase the value we provide to our customers with our deep understanding and lessons learned in the worlds of finance, technology and management,” said Patterson. “Our expertise covers many areas, including finance, compliance, internal controls, information technology, transactions and restructuring. This big picture knowledge helps our clients have the best understanding of their business as possible.”

About Bridgepoint Consulting

Bridgepoint Consulting is a leading Texas-based professional services provider that helps executives solve complex financial, management and technology challenges. To improve performance, reduce risks and bridge resource gaps, the firm’s highly-skilled professionals provide expertise in finance, compliance, technology, transactions and restructuring.

 Headquartered in Austin, Texas and serving Central Texas for over a decade, Bridgepoint Consulting employs 70+ qualified professionals.  For more information, go to or call 512-437-7900.