New NetSuite Features for 2023: Recap & Announcements from SuiteWorld

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NetSuite recently announced that they’re planning to implement several new features to streamline processes for their clients, help them integrate more sustainable solutions and provide more channels for innovation.

After attending SuiteWorld 2022 and learning of NetSuite’s plans, our Cloud Solutions team outlined the top takeaways from the conference.

Note: Some features are already in the current product release. Others are expected with future semi-annual releases.

What is SuiteWorld?

SuiteWorld is an annual conference held in Las Vegas, NV hosted by cloud-based software company Oracle NetSuite, and is the largest gathering of the NetSuite community, including partners, customers and developers. 

SuiteWorld Conference 2022 was held on September 29 – 30, 2022, with an attendance of over 7,500 at the Caesars Forum convention center in Paradise, Nevada, east of the Las Vegas Strip. 

New NetSuite Features to Utilize in 2023:

  1. NetSuite Accounts Payable (AP) Automation
  2. NetSuite Ship Central
  3. NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Framework (SDF)
  4. NetSuite Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)
  5. Enhanced Documentation
  6. Technical Developments: Typescript

1. NetSuite Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

NetSuite’s AP Automation allows for faster and more accurate bill and payments processing, helping businesses cut down on what can be a time-consuming and intricate endeavor.

Other benefits include more control over and insight into cash flow and a more scalable, sustainable Accounts Payable process.

2. NetSuite Ship Central

NetSuite Ship Central is a mobile application that was created with the goal of optimizing warehouse operations by cutting down on manual tasks and making delivery processes more efficient.

As warehouse workers are now able to access packing and shipping information from a mobile device or kiosk, they can more easily locate shipments, print labels, receive tracking updates in real time, and much more, saving time and cutting down on overhead costs.

3. NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Framework (SDF)

NetSuite emphasized that leveraging SDF for revision and version control should be a key focus for businesses developing a SuiteApp, as it allows for better revision, unit testing and the ability to download and import NetSuite objects more easily.

This feature is slowly being rolled out – so users may already be seeing some of this functionality as it replaces NetSuite SuiteBundler.

4. NetSuite Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)

NetSuite CPQ is a feature that allows teams to configure, price and quote their products and services reliably, efficiently and accurately. By incorporating the option to view 3D images of products and automate proposals, the sales process becomes even more streamlined and free of errors.

5. Enhanced Documentation

NetSuite is already ahead of its competition with documentation and help included with its software.  They plan to further their documentation by consolidating information to the website.

This consolidation will simplify access to documents currently spread across multiple channels.

In addition, this feature is available to the public, meaning you do not have to be a NetSuite user to take advantage of this helpful feature – which is especially helpful for businesses that work with third parties who may not have made use of NetSuite just yet.

6. Technical Developments: Typescript

Alongside several other technical improvements, NetSuite also plans to integrate TypeScript.

TypeScript is a strongly typed subset language for JavaScript that allows one to write cleaner code. Having static typing allows developers to catch type-related issues prior to deployment and provides consistency in code structure.

How NetSuite’s New Features Lead to a Brighter Future

Today’s technology trends are focused around developing digital immunity and creating more sustainable and scalable technology solutions that will help businesses better withstand the changes thrown their way, such as inflation, market pressure and supply chain disruptions, to name but a few.

NetSuite’s new features will be instrumental in fostering more efficiency by offering more options for automation, optimization and innovation, providing teams with more time and space to tackle large-scale goal and strategy development.

If you’re still a little unsure about how NetSuite and its new features can streamline growth for your business, our Cloud Solutions members at Bridgepoint Consulting are here to help.

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