NetSuite Analytics Live 2024: Recap & Takeaways 

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NetSuite recently announced several new products and features to help users embolden their analytics capabilities and obtain a single source of truth for their analytical data.  

After attending NetSuite Analytics Live 2024, our team has outlined the top findings and takeaways from the event, detailing NetSuite’s commitment to both innovation and helping their customers thrive. 

About NetSuite Analytics Live 

Through a series of demonstrations, go-to-market recommendations, and product roadmaps and rollouts, the NetSuite Analytics Live event aims to provide NetSuite Partners with insights into new analytics products, including NetSuite Analytics Warehouse (NSAW), NetSuite Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB), and NetSuite Account Reconciliation (NSAR). 

This partner-focused event was hosted at the Oracle Campus in Austin, TX from April 15 to April 16 and attended by approximately 100 individuals. 

Top Takeaways and Findings from NetSuite Analytics Live 2024 

Using Oracle’s backbone, NSAW provides an intuitive user experience 

As NSAW tools were built upon the framework of Oracle’s Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW) – which comprises of Autonomous Datawarehouse (ADW), Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), and pre-built data pipelines, data models, reports and dashboards – they all have a similar look and feel to Oracle Analytics, offering an intuitive user experience that many former Oracle Analytics users have previously encountered.  

In addition, NSAW customers can connect to a multitude of data sources (Oracle Fusion Apps, Salesforce, Google Cloud, AWS, SAP, etc.) that clients can leverage to easily mesh external data with NetSuite. 

NetSuite seeing tremendous growth of NSAW, relies on partner community  

NetSuite is seeing tremendous growth of NSAW tools, with a 200% increase YOY. To continue spearheading this growth, NetSuite plans to rely on their partner community and help them gain the necessary knowledge and expertise they need to implement these products for their customers. 

They are also looking to their partner community to build NSAW intellectual property (IP) and go to market with pre-built IP for their customers. 

In addition, NetSuite is gaining market share for these tools, providing top-tier product capabilities that were previously uncommon in the mid-market. 

NSAW will be easy to implement and configure with other NetSuite tools while offering a single source of truth 

NSAW will come out of the box with over 200 reports and visualizations, making the time-to-value incredibly fast for customers who choose to implement NSAW. For customers seeking more advanced capabilities and metrics, the tool is very customizable, and reports can be built for key metrics across the organization. 

In addition, NetSuite is consolidating these platforms and will allow users to access NSPB, NSAR, and Financial Close and Consolidation (i.e. FCCS) from a single location. Previously, these tools were accessed through different websites.  

NSAW Multi-Instance Connector function is prepped to foster efficiency within the private equity space 

NSAW is rolling out a “Multi-Instance Connector” function to allow for customers to create a single NSAW instance that is connected to multiple other NetSuite instances, housing all information within a single database. 

This is a prime use case for private equity companies who have multiple portfolio companies on different instances of NetSuite. Now, PE companies can consolidate their entire portfolio into a single dashboard.  

Other NSAW features

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