Financial Planning Consultant: What Do FP&A Teams Do?

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Financial Planning & Analysis resources play a crucial role by completing forecasting, budgeting and analysis activities to advise on performance, acting as the trusted business advisors within the organization that work at a more strategic level in order to achieve company goals. 

In order to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive and ever-shifting market, it’s vital to turn to a financial planning and analysis consultant for guidance.

What is Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)?

Financial Planning and Analysis’ primary role is to transform the overall company strategy into an integrated annual budget and provide key analysis against the plan to provide insight into business performance. 

What does a Financial Planning consultant do?

Financial Planning & Analysis consultants and experts provide a roadmap of what objectives a company should have and seeks to inform on how to measure and manage those goals in supporting an organization’s financial health.

Depending on your business needs, FP&A consultants and resources can range from an analyst to CFO level. 

FP&A resources are assigned to align to the needs of a business to ensure that the day-to-day operational activities along with long-term strategic plans have been identified via processes, tools, systems and financial solutions needed to meet specific business goals.

Financial Planning & Analysis activities supported by the role:

  • Strategic Planning and Budgeting
  • Reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Building and Maintaining Models and Projections
  • Forecasting (i.e., cash flow, performance vs. budget)
  • Corporate Reporting and Business Analysis
  • Supporting setup and management of financial reporting systems
  • M&A Transaction Support
  • Sales Operations Support and Sales Commission Plan Development
  • Communication and Presentation to investors, management and the board of directors

How can FP&A consultants help your business?

  • Working across teams with high-level executives to understand key business drivers and assess the financial health of the business
  • Identifying problems or potential areas for improvement across the entire company
  • Developing and integrating more effective financial models, roadmaps, reports, controls, systems and more
  • Creating strategic recommendations and ensuring the alignment of operational and financial goals
  • Implementing business intelligence tools and associated reporting
  • Supporting the executive team with data-driven analysis that informs on everything from operational decision making to organizational strategy
  • Provide strategic expertise needed to guide the company in the right direction

How do I know if I need to hire an FP&A Resource?

If you’re looking to align your long-term strategic plans to day-to-day operational activities — and in order to be best equipped to adapt to changes in the business environment — you should consider hiring an FP&A resource.

These resources can expand on your strategic insights and provide a competitive advantage by guiding your company to not only achieving its goals but also successfully preparing for the next phase of growth.

Need Financial Planning & Analysis Support?

A successful FP&A function should align long-term strategic plans with day-to-day operating realities to fuel long-term financial growth. Bridgepoint Consulting helps you chart the path forward by identifying the processes, tools and financial planning solutions needed to turn your vision into reality.

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