Cloud Migration Consultant: What They Do & How They Help

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Migrating from one platform to the next is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor – but when done correctly, the cloud migration process can greatly enhance your operations while helping you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

As experts in helping businesses overcome the complexity of the cloud, drive seamless integrations between applications and get the most value out of their software, we’ve outlined what you need to know about cloud migration.

Things to know about Cloud Migration:

  1. What is Cloud Migration?
  2. What does a Cloud Migration consultant do?
  3. What are the benefits of hiring a Cloud Migration consultant?
  4. When should you hire a Cloud Migration consultant?

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving an organization’s digital assets (i.e., data, applications) from their current environment to a cloud-based system (such as NetSuite).

This process also commonly includes identifying capabilities within your chosen software that can be utilized to provide more real-time visibility and foster collaboration and efficiency – and, of course, ensuring your data is properly migrated into these new systems.

During a migration, organizations may also need to integrate existing applications to allow for the seamless flow of data between on-premise and cloud-based systems, or between cloud-based systems. Examples include systems for core enterprise management, human resources, or specialized business functions.

The cloud migration process requires careful planning, collaboration and expertise, as data security, compliance requirements, application dependencies, employees and other areas of business will all be impacted as your information is migrated from one system to the next.

Common examples of Cloud Migration activities:

  • Solution Design: Evaluating current infrastructures, applications and data to establish migration readiness and identify the right systems architecture.
  • Project Planning: Developing a plan for cloud migration, including the strategy, timeline and resources needed for a successful migration.
  • Data & Application Migration: Transferring data, applications and processes to the cloud environment with minimal interruptions to current operations.
  • Integration Between Applications: Connecting and enabling communication between different software applications to enable flow of information and drive collaboration and process efficiency.
  • Testing & Validation: Conducting testing to validate migrated applications and systems are functioning correctly and effectively.
  • Deployment: Rolling out systems and applications post-testing, configuring infrastructure components, setting up security measures and establishing integrations with other systems as needed.
  • Optimization: Monitoring and optimizing the configuration post-deployment to fine-tune optimal performance, cost-effectiveness and security.

What does a Cloud Migration consultant do?

A cloud migration consultant provides guidance to organizations by conducting the necessary planning and execution needed to successfully migrate to the cloud.

By identifying the right configuration for your unique company needs, driving a smooth transition, defining how systems and applications connect with each other, and establishing compliance with today’s laws, regulations, standards and best practices, cloud migration consultants enable you to leverage the full potential of the cloud and maximize the value of your investment.

Skills and duties of Cloud Migration consultants:

  • Analyzing an organization’s current infrastructure, applications and data for migration readiness, and developing a strategic cloud migration plan
  • Working closely with business leaders and high-level executives to design a cloud architecture that aligns with business objectives and goals
  • Executing the migration plan with rigor and discipline to avoid costly setbacks
  • Identifying the right cloud-based applications within your chosen software and connecting them to on-premise systems or other cloud-based applications as needed to foster efficiency and drive proper flow of data
  • Conducting systems testing to validate efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identifying and addressing potential risks and challenges as they relate to the migration process, such as security vulnerabilities, data integrity concerns and compliance requirements
  • Providing in-depth user training and post-deployment support to drive user adoption
  • Optimizing the configuration to fine-tune its functions as an organization grows and changes

What are the benefits of hiring a Cloud Migration consultant?

  • Access to specialized knowledge and unparalleled expertise regarding cloud technologies, best practices and potential challenges
  • A tailored cloud migration strategy and executable plan that supports your organization’s long-term goals
  • A smooth, streamlined migration process that limits interruptions to day-to-day operations
  • More efficiency and collaboration as applications are seamlessly integrated to avoid data silos and eliminate redundant workflows
  • Cost optimization as the consultant works manages effective resource allocation, leverages cost-effective cloud solutions and reduces unnecessary expenses
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, standards and best practices
  • Continuous optimization to meet the needs of your organization as it evolves

When should you hire a Cloud Migration consultant?

If your organization is considering a move to the cloud, hiring a cloud migration consultant from the get-go is essential for establishing a smooth transition, limiting interruptions and getting the most value of your new configuration.

At Bridgepoint Consulting, our Cloud Solutions practice specializes in cloud-based solution design and integrations between applications.

Whether you need to identify which applications are the best fit for your unique goals and concerns, or to connect disparate systems, we work closely with your team to structure any project. Our approach promotes flexibility, minimizes risk and maximizes gain.

Signs it’s time to hire a Cloud Migration consultant:

  • You don’t have anyone on your current team who has the necessary cloud migration expertise
  • You’ve identified a need for a cloud migration plan but don’t have the internal resources for successful execution.
  • You have complex application or data dependencies that need to be migrated to the cloud
  • You need help identifying the right functionalities within your chosen software
  • Your current infrastructure limits the ability to achieve optimal performance
  • You’re having trouble navigating the labyrinth of complex regulatory requirements
  • You’ve already migrated to the cloud, but are looking for some guidance in optimizing your configuration for growth and scale

Need Cloud Migration Support?

Bridgepoint Consulting‘s Cloud Solutions practice delivers transformative initiatives, aligning with complex, large-scale projects. We help define the solution landscape and structure projects to enable flexibility, minimize risks and maximize gain.

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