NetSuite Process Redesign Yields More Efficiency & Flexibility for Automotive Engineering Client

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COBB Tuning is an Austin, TX-based automotive engineering company dedicated to developing solutions that improve vehicle performance and the driving experience. Founded in 1999, the company has expanded to four premier tuning and services facilities in the United States.


In its early years, COBB was juggling multiple discrete business software solutions to manage its business, including Excel, QuickBooks, Volusion and FedEx Ship Manager. As the business expanded, this approach led to excessive management complexity and extensive manual effort.

COBB selected NetSuite ERP for Manufacturers to streamline order management, procurement, manufacturing and fulfillment capabilities into one integrated application and engaged Bridgepoint Consulting to implement NetSuite. Bridgepoint collaborated with key stakeholders to configure NetSuite, created business process automation, and integrated NetSuite with Magento eCommerce software and Salesforce CRM software.


By managing all major business processes within or through NetSuite, COBB now has one source of truth for order management, manufacturing, accounting, item catalog and planning purposes. Process redesigns have enabled standardization for greater efficiency; extension of the NetSuite platform allows greater functionality through NetSuite partner solutions; and COBB enjoys reports on advanced metrics (including vendor scorecards, fulfillment percentages, and available buildable quantity) that had never before been obtainable.

Before Bridgepoint:

  • A mix of various solutions to manage the business
  • Major complexities managing numerous, disparate customer touch-points
  • Significant errors and manual efforts to keep the business functional

After Bridgepoint:

  • More efficient business operations and improved reporting
  • Consolidation of all major business processes within or through NetSuite
  • Single source of truth for order management, manufacturing, accounting, item catalog and planning purposes
  • Extension of the platform and greater functionality through NetSuite’s partner solutions


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