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Education & Nonprofit

Helping organizations better serve their communities

Today, educational institutions and nonprofits are grappling to do more with less: manage shrinking budgets and cut additional costs while meeting a higher demand for services than ever before. These organizations face increasing scrutiny, and many are feeling the effects of new policies and legislation. These pressures add up to the need not only to focus on their business objectives in an intensely competitive environment but to do so in a way that makes these services more streamlined, secure and modernized.

We understand the issues facing your organization. We’re here to help you develop the strategies and solutions that make the most of limited resources while improving your programs and services to better serve your communities. Our professionals have a wide range of expertise in tax, audit and accounting as well as risk, compliance and reporting, cybersecurity and technology. This collaboration leads to more transparency and accountability for your stakeholders and partners.

We provide service offerings
for the following:

  • Growth, transition and transaction complexities
  • Operational and regulatory compliance
  • IT systems and infrastructure optimization
  • Gaps in critical resources or expertise

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