Employee Spotlight: John Patrick – IT Risk & Compliance Engagement Manager

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Our Employee Spotlight is here to help you better understand our people, culture, and what it’s like to work at Bridgepoint Consulting. We believe we have a great balance of challenging work and collaborative people that enables each of us to enjoy being part of #TeamBridgepoint thoroughly. Today’s featured Employee Spotlight is on John Patrick, our IT Risk & Compliance Engagement Manager for Bridgepoint Consulting. 

Get to know John

John graduated from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook’ Em!) with a Management Information Systems degree and started his career working for KPMG in Dallas.  While at KPMG, he focused primarily on IT external audit projects.  After spending several years at KPMG, he moved into multiple IT internal auditor roles in the energy, engineering, and technology space – working for Phillips 66, KBR, and Rackspace Technology.  In addition, ever since John was a kid, he has always been a passionate entrepreneur and web developer and has founded several companies over the years, in the technology, marketing, and cybersecurity spaces, and he always loves to spend time on fun development projects outside of work.  His passion for problem-solving, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to work on projects across different industries ultimately led him to Bridgepoint Consulting, where he landed in 2019.

What led you to consulting?

I have always enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of consulting, and it came naturally to me, even at the beginning of my career.  I got a taste of consulting while at KPMG and really loved being able to spend time creating order out of chaos.  Something that my clients did not always have the time or resources to tackle.  Over the years, I informally consulted on technology, cybersecurity, and risk projects with friends or other connections, and I eventually started a consulting practice that focused on cyber issues, specifically targeting the real estate industry.  My favorite part of the job was the ability to help develop a solution to fill a gap or remediate an issue. I also enjoy the reward structure of a job in consulting.  A consultant is primarily graded by the level of satisfaction from their clients and the quality of work they deliver.  It is a simple equation for success and not clouded by other politics or complexity. 

How would you describe the culture at Bridgepoint?

Bridgepoint truly is a great place to work.  Some words that come to mind are “genuine,” “family”, “flexibility,” and “friendship.”  It’s rare to find a company that really cares about its people on a personal and professional level.  I frequently have conversations with our leadership where they are genuinely interested in how I am doing and how my family is doing. Bridgepoint is definitely a work-hard, play-hard environment and it’s great to meet so many interesting people that I work alongside.  From fellow entrepreneurs, famous athletes, and successful business leaders – it is a phenomenal team!  

What attracted you to Bridgepoint and when did you know #teambridgepoint was for you?

I was searching for a role that checked these boxes for me – consulting, problem-solving, flexibility.  I came across an IT Risk role with Bridgepoint and applied, but I wasn’t sure it would be the right role for me.  Particularly because the role was in Austin, and I live in San Antonio.  The Bridgepoint recruiting team made it clear that Austin travel was limited and only as needed, and they convinced me that it made sense to meet and learn more about the firm. However, after meeting the team and talking with leadership, I was convinced Bridgepoint would be a great culture fit for me and would be that challenging and flexible role I was looking for. 

As time has progressed, and I have been able to meet more Bridgepoint team members and it’s obvious that I made the right choice.  The culture and team continue to make this a great place to work. 

Talk to us about who you are outside of consulting.

First and foremost, I am a husband to my wife Josie and a dad to my three children, Gray (9), Foley (6), and Cate (5). We like to go swimming, fishing, playing golf, video games, building Legos, visiting with friends and family, or hanging out at the ranch where Josie’s dad lives in Wimberley, Texas.  I also spend time helping my wife with her business, Party Hat Celebrations, a balloon bar and studio in San Antonio. I’m a big golf fan and love to watch and play the sport. I try to attend the Valero Texas Open in San Antonio each year.  I’m a fisherman and enjoy fly fishing when I get the chance, typically with family in the East Tennessee Smoky Mountains.

I also enjoy web development and spend many nights working on coding projects, sometimes working with my 9-year-old on his programming interests. In addition to coding and web app projects, I’m a huge music fan and love playing the drums and guitar.  When I was in college, I established an old-school streaming radio station from my dorm room and sifted through dozens of CDs each week from new bands pitching their music to my station!  

What advice would you give someone who is considering a career in consulting?

If you like a dynamic work environment where you are challenged and solve problems, particularly in a project-based format, then consulting is a great fit for you! Consulting also provides huge learning opportunities in a role that provides a level of flexibility that you don’t always have in other roles. 

Ready to join #TeamBridgepoint?

If you’re someone who has spent your time in-house throughout your career but are looking to drive more change, looking for new challenges, or are craving more variety, consider a career in consulting with Bridgepoint We’re always on the lookout for top talent. We encourage you to browse our current openings and become part of #teambridgepoint!

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