5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your ERP System

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Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, whether it’s used for accounting, human resources, supply chain management or other business processes, is intended to help increase workforce productivity and boost your organization’s bottom line in this competitive market.

When your business has made a major investment in ERP technology, it’s natural to want to keep it going for as long as possible. However, like any technology, your ERP system can quickly become outdated and inefficient, preventing your business from achieving its business objectives. Every ERP has a lifespan–could you imagine using a 90s ERP system today? Unfortunately, unlike a carton of milk, an ERP system doesn’t come with an expiration date.

Instead, you must look for red flags to identify what’s happening with your system and decide when to make the change. Begin by asking yourself some questions to check in on your ERP system and make sure it’s still working for you. For instance, Is my ERP still the right fit? Is it working efficiently and helping me to grow my business? Am I getting the most out of this crucial business investment?

So how do you know when it’s time for an upgrade? Here are five clear and unequivocal signs that your current ERP solution’s days may be numbered.

  1. Your ERP has reached end-of-life (EOL)

  2. Your ERP does not support next-generation technology

  3. Your ERP is not integrated with other systems

  4. You aren’t in the cloud

  5. Your team is suffering from low productivity

So how many of these situations hit home? If you’re having doubts about the efficiency of your existing system and considering a new system “go live” this year, now is the time to get started.

Did you know that you are at least 6 months away from deployment if you start today?

In our experience, this is a typical timeline for a new ERP system rollout

ERP system implementation timeline


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