Bridgepoint revamped our entire financial process

In this video testimonial featuring Clayton Christopher, Co-Founder of Deep Eddy Vodka and Founder of Sweet Leaf Tea, Christopher details his view of Bridgepoint Consulting as a trusted advisor. Bridgepoint provided his two companies with important services, including recruitment and Interim Finance (identification of a fractional and interim controller), who could function in a part time senior CxO role. This allowed him and the company to pay for just the support they needed, which was important given their small budgets during the company’s growth phase.

According to Christopher, Bridgepoint became irreplaceable, always providing him the truth regardless of situation. He was ecstatic with the work we performed on behalf of both companies, bringing us back for Deep Eddy Vodka after having a positive experience working with Bridgepoint while running Sweet Leaf Tea beforehand.

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Bridgepoint revamped our entire financial process, especially forecasting and budgeting. Their attitude of being a true partner in our business, while positively affecting expenses, is absolutely refreshing. Engaging Bridgepoint has been far more cost effective than bringing in a full time CFO or Controller.

Clayton Christopher Co-Founder, Deep Eddy Vodka