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How Digital Transformation Can Lead to a Pain-Free Acquisition

In IMA’s latest Inside Talk webinar, my colleagues and I had the opportunity to walk our audience through Bridgepoint Consulting’s recent acquisition transaction with Addison…Read More

6 Steps to a Successful Post-Merger Integration

Any merger or acquisition is rife with risk. Will your company lose its focus when you join with another company? Will you lose key employees…Read More

5 Due Diligence Activities For A Successful M&A Transaction

Due diligence procedures are an essential way to test the waters before jumping into an M&A transaction with a proposed target entity. This critical exercise will help uncover hidden information, synergies, or obstacles to guide a company toward evaluating the appropriate purchase price and implementing a successful integration strategy. Read on to learn 5 key activities for a thorough due diligence process….Read More

Is Your Company Due Diligence Ready?

What’s the cost of not being ready when a potential suitor comes a’ calling? Incalculable, if you talk to business owners whose transaction fell through because they weren’t prepared. Business owners should operate in a “Due Diligence Ready” state. What does this mean? Get your “house” in order to be in a position for a sale at any time. Whether you are in the selling mode or not, it’s just good business practice….Read More