3 Keys to Hiring Accounting and Finance Talent in a Tight Market
By Kristi Kershaw

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When Baby Boomers Meet Millennials: Finding Common Ground at Work
By Michael Johnson

Could two workforce generations be more different than baby boomers and millennials? Probably not. But, success starts with understanding. If you’re a baby boomer who manages millennials, it helps to first understand what they’re all about. …Read More

ManpowerGroup Survey: Talent is Getting Harder to Find
By Bridgepoint Consulting

Texas is experiencing a drought in water. Employers are experience a drought in candidates. According to a survey by ManpowerGroup, employers say a talent shortage has saddled their efforts to fill jobs.

More than 50% of U.S. employers reported having difficulty filling “mission-critical” positions within their companies, up from 14% in 2010. Among the hardest positions to fill included jobs in skilled trades, sales and engineering.
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Bridgepoint Merges with Harder Consulting
By Bridgepoint Consulting

Bridgepoint Consulting is pleased to announce the completed merger with Harder Consulting, an an Austin-based recruiting firm specializing in accounting, finance, banking and human resources. The transaction was fueled by Bridgepoint’s business strategy to further expand their existing direct hire recruiting practice to serve the growing need for this service. …Read More

Hiring Lessons from an Executive Recruiter
By Bridgepoint Consulting

As Bridgepoint’s Executive Recruiting Manager, I partner with many organizations, large and small, public and private, throughout many different industries, to assist them in locating…Read More

Bridgepoint Recruiting Activity Increasing
By Bridgepoint Consulting

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Q&A with Bridgepoint Consulting’s executive recruiting team
By Bridgepoint Consulting

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Deep Eddy Vodka
By Bridgepoint Consulting

Clayton Christopher, Co-Founder of Deep Eddy Vodka and Founder of Sweet Leaf Tea, details his view of Bridgepoint Consulting as a trusted advisor. Bridgepoint provided…Read More