Smart Finance Transformations

Google finance transformation – or don’t unless you want to delve into a myriad of definitions, examples, charts, tables, and other visual representations of some pretty varied and complex business concepts. Instead, spend an easy half-hour listening to Bridgepoint Consulting’s premiere episode of our new Growth & Scale Insiders podcast.

In this episode, we sat down with Michael Johnson and Manuel Azuara, Managing Principals at Bridgepoint Consulting, to take a fascinating deep-dive into what finance transformation really means, how to know when your company is ready for it, and the best way to approach it for scaling success. Together, they discuss the future of Bridgepoint, their advice on how to build smart financial roadmaps, and how planned transformation can lead to manageable growth.

Listen to the whole conversation and check out our other Growth and Scale Insiders podcast episodes on Apple, SpotifyGoogle, or Stitcher for more great info on finance transformation, including what roles measurement, timing, and big-picture perspective play in scaling for success. And if you enjoy the show, leave us a review!

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