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Here’s to Your Health with Dr. Drew

Why You Should Work at Bridgepoint

Thinking of going into consulting? Looking for a supportive team environment? Here’s an inside look into life at Bridgepoint.

How is Consulting different?

Ever wondered if consulting is a good path for you? Here’s why it could be a great career choice (no matter what you want to do).

Growth Opportunities at Bridgepoint

Thinking about going into consulting? Looking for growth opportunities? Hear what it’s like to work at Bridgepoint.

We Work as a Team

One of the things that makes Bridgepoint unique is our team atmosphere. Here is the inside scoop about our culture, straight from one of our consultants.

Qualities We Look for in Finance Candidates

Thinking about applying for a role here at Bridgepoint? Here are some of the main attributes our experienced recruiters look for in Finance candidates.

We Value Our People

We strongly believe that Bridgepoint’s most valuable asset is and will always be our people. Here are some of the ways that we value our team.

We Value Client and Consultant Relationships

Strong relationships are built on trust, integrity, and a deep understanding of what each person needs. Here’s an inside look into our approach.

Finding Great Talent for Bridgepoint

Finding great talent at Bridgepoint is incredibly rewarding. Here’s what one of our internal recruiters considers her proudest moments.

How We Help Companies with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is imperative for businesses of all sizes and industries. Here’s how we help companies transform their organization.

How We Help Clients Through Their Life Cycle

Growth and change can be disruptive. Learn how we work as a trusted advisor to support our clients through every stage of their life cycle.

3 Steps to Combat Unconscious Bias

Did you know that hiring processes are often impacted by unconscious or implicit bias? In this video, our partners at Addison Group, share tips to help you tackle unconscious bias in the hiring process.


Baylor Genetics: Digital Transformation in 81 Days

Learn how Bridgepoint helped Baylor Genetics undergo a digital transformation and implement a new financial ERP in only 81 days.

COBB Tuning Eliminates Silos & Triples Growth with NetSuite Integration

Learn how Bridgepoint helped COBB Tuning eliminate silos, reduce its overhead by 25% and triple its business revenue by integrating its business systems.

Bridgepoint is a great virtual CFO and HR partner

From CFO roles to HR functions, having a team you can count on as you grow your business makes a big difference. Hear why Brett Hurt, CEO of data.world continues to rely on Bridgepoint as a trusted partner.

Why is Bridgepoint a leading management consulting firm?

Discover what Bridgepoint Consulting is all about and why Central Texas companies continue to rely on as a trusted partner to help them grow and transform their business.

How Bridgepoint helps companies grow and succeed

Learn how Bridgepoint Consulting works as a trusted advisor with finance, risk and technology leaders from early stage to fortune companies, to help them grow, transform and succeed.

3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Business

Looking to manage, scale and sustain growth in your organization? Watch this video to learn the three missteps you should avoid.

Why Bankruptcy Isn’t Bad

Are you considering bankruptcy? Discover three key steps to a smooth bankruptcy process.

How to Prevent Fraud in Your Business

Did you know that fraud is one of the common causes for company failures? Here are three ways you can stop fraud in its tracks.

Tips for Hiring Finance and Accounting Talent: Don’t be cheap

Looking to hire top-notch Finance and Accounting talent in your organization? Here is why choosing the right salary is key.

Tips for Hiring Finance and Accounting Talent: Consider culture

Have you considered culture in your hiring practices? Watch this video to learn why this is important to securing top talent.

Tips for Hiring Finance and Accounting Talent: Hire fast

Having difficulty staffing your open positions in today’s competitive market? You may be taking too long to make a hiring decision.

The Value of Good Consultants

Top talent is hard to find and retain in today’s competitive job market. Here are three characteristics of good consultants.

How to Establish Effective Consulting Relationships

Looking for ways to build a long-lasting relationship with your consultants? Here are key attributes that lead to effective client-consultant relationships.

You just acquired another business — now what?

Matt Moynahan, CEO at Forcepoint LLC shares insights about the biggest M&A mistake executives make.

Use a deliberate approach to raise venture capital in Austin

Brett Hurt, CEO at Data.world shares helpful venture capital funding insights for growing companies.

Growth can challenge company culture, so work hard to establish core values

Greg Stock, CEO of Zenoss Inc. reveals why maintaining company culture is important to company’s growth.

Growing a company isn’t easy, so follow these helpful tips

Joe Ross, President and Co-founder of CSID shares helpful insights and lessons learned for effectively growing a business.

What makes a company successful?

Bridgepoint Co-founder and Principal, Bob Smith reveals why company success begins with assembling the right leadership.

Why CSID leverages relationships to help the company grow

Growing and scaling a business can be challenging. Hear why Joe Ross, President and Co-Founder of CSID, values strong relationships to keep his business thriving.

Living Our Core Values

Core values have always been a part of Bridgepoint Consulting’s DNA. Discover what makes our people and culture so unique.

Tips for Hiring Finance and Accounting Talent

Looking to hire top-notch Finance and Accounting talent in your organization? Watch this video to learn the three mistakes you should avoid.

Life at Bridgepoint: A year of memories

Wonder what it’s like to work and grow your career at Bridgepoint? Here’s a sneak peak.

Bridgepoint always provides quality, talented professionals

Learn why Bridgepoint is a trusted referral partner to this influential investment banker.

From CFO roles to Technology: Why Gravitant Relies on Bridgepoint as a Strategic Partner

Learn how Bridgepoint has been a trusted partner of this CFO during stints at multiple companies.

Bridgepoint helps fuel Amplify Brands’ growth with quality talent

Learn how Bridgepoint has been a long-time partner of this CFO during high-growth periods at multiple companies.

Bridgepoint provided outstanding systems integration and professional services

Learn how Bridgepoint helped this IT Executive to stand up the company’s IT infrastructure and business applications.

Bridgepoint revamped our entire financial process

Learn how Bridgepoint worked with the serial entrepreneur Clayton Christopher during critical high-growth transition of his company.

Bridgepoint helped our business thrive through major transactions

Learn how Bridgepoint worked with HomeAway to support a broad range of finance, accounting and IT initiatives

WP Engine Transforms the Customer Experience with NetSuite ERP

Learn how Bridgepoint helped WP Engine implement NetSuite and worked with them to streamline business processes for a much better customer experience.