Get the Ultimate Guide to ERP-CRM Integration

By Jeff Hiddemen

ERP-CRM IntegrationOnce you have ERP giving you visibility into everything that’s happening in your business applications, and CRM giving your sales teams the tools to be more efficient and productive, there’s only one thing left to do to continue to improve your business. Put ERP and CRM to work together.

Integrating these two vital resources is the final step to ensure that you’re getting the greatest possible benefit from both of them.

ERP-CRM integration delivers tremendous benefits: It eliminates duplicate data that you’d otherwise have to waste time maintaining, creates a direct link between your front and back end systems to speed and simplify data sharing and streamlines redundant processes to enable your business to operate more efficiently than ever.

But integration also poses challenges. That’s why we’ve created Built to Last: The Ultimate Guide to ERP-CRM Integration. Created by veterans of many systems integrations, this guide  shares the lessons of their experience with you.

Download the guide today to learn how to:

  1. Lay a foundation for integration success through early-stage strategy development, cost evaluation, data cleanup and process improvements
  2. Create a blueprint to follow by making key decisions about data integration points, data flow, and data mapping and translation
  3. Determine the right tools for the job by making informed decisions about middleware vs. point-to-point integration, real-time vs. batch processing and in-house vs. third-party error handling

The guide also includes at-a-glance tips to help with everything from time management to tool selection, a real-world case study that shows you how one company successfully integrated ERP and CRM, and a helpful checklist of items for every step along the way.

Why learn the hard way how to integrate ERP and CRM systems, when there’s an easier way? Download Built to Last: The Ultimate Guide to ERP-CRM Integration, and prepare for a successful integration in your organization.

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About Jeff Hiddemen

Jeff Hiddemen is Managing Director of Bridgepoint’s NetSuite Consulting practice lead and brings over 10 years of professional experience to the firm. Jeff is focused on empowering Bridgepoint’s team of NetSuite Consultants with the tools, expertise, best practices and training to ensure all clients receive best-in-class services and solutions. Jeff has deployed ERP, CRM and eCommerce strategies for clients ranging from enterprise Fortune 100 to startups. His industry experience spans Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy, Retail, Government, Software, Human Resource Management, Wholesale/Distribution and Sports/Entertainment. Recent Blog Posts LinkedIn Full Bio