WP Engine


Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, WP Engine provides the world’s leading platform of technology and software innovations to help businesses design, brand and support websites and apps built with WordPress. More than 60,000 companies in 140 countries rely on WP Engine’s solutions and award-winning team of experts to help bring their remarkable visions to life and create breakthrough digital customer experiences that are personalized and secure.

Services Provided

  • NetSuite Consulting, configuration and implementation
  • Business process automation
  • Dataset migration
  • Testing, support and training

WP Engine Transforms the Customer Experience with NetSuite

WP Engine was experiencing rapid growth and higher transaction volumes, but that growth was hampered by a function-limited billing and revenue recognition platform—as well as by working with multiple disparate systems and data sources that had never been integrated. As a result, the company was struggling to access the intelligence needed to make strong business decisions and meet the needs of its growing customer base. To address these issues, WP Engine engaged Bridgepoint to implement a NetSuite solution for its billing and finance teams.

Bridgepoint: A Customized NetSuite Deployment

Bridgepoint consultants interviewed stakeholders to document requirements and review business processes, then created a custom solution that integrated the company’s new proprietary billing solution and migrated all existing customer data without interrupting billing processes.

The NetSuite implementation improved and streamlined processes for core accounting and finance functions and now manages transaction volume for all use cases. Bridgepoint built in the scalability to handle future integrations and system expansions, as well as the flexibility to meet evolving SOX compliance requirements. 

Business Results: Digital Transformation Enhances the Customer Experience and Improves ROI

As part of the NetSuite deployment, Bridgepoint and WP Engine successfully migrated more than 50,000 customer accounts with open A/R and deferred revenue balances. Unifying that data gave the organization real-time visibility into its finances for faster decision-making capabilities and audit-ready revenue reporting. The integration also streamlined business processes, eliminating manual tasks and increasing ROI while helping the company to build a better customer experience. WP Engine now has the scalability and flexibility it needs to expand its product catalog, handle future integrations and compliance needs, and confidently take its business to the next level.


Before Bridgepoint
  • Rapid growth and high transaction volume with many data sources
  • Lack of integration between multiple mission-critical systems
  • Need to integrate a proprietary billing solution
  • Risk created by limited revenue recognition capabilities
After Bridgepoint
  • Unified systems and streamlined business processes
  • Real-time visibility into financial and customer data for faster decision making
  • Improved customer experience and ROI
  • Audit-ready revenue reporting

What the Client Says

When you’re selecting a partner, one of the most important things is someone who’s been there and done that. We had no experience with the NetSuite platform and Bridgepoint was crucial in helping us translate our technology and our business model into the NetSuite platform.

April Downing CFO, WP Engine