Learn how Bridgepoint worked with the CFO at HomeAway to support a broad range of finance and IT initiatives

Services Provided

  • M&A Support
  • Finance and Accounting Roles
  • IT Support

Bridgepoint Serves as Strategic Partner for Global Online Travel Website

Bridgepoint worked with HomeAway to provide a broad range of services, including management of mergers and acquisitions activities, finance and accounting support, and IT consultation in several areas, such as selection of a new financial planning solution. In this video, featuring Lynn Atchison, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of HomeAway, she explains how satisfied she is with Bridgepoint Consulting as a partner. According to Atchison, Bridgepoint is invaluable due to our focus on the client. She was happy with the Bridgepoint team as well as the responsive manner in which we supported her business needs.

“Bridgepoint is invaluable due to their focus on the client.”