The Ultimate Guide to ERP-CRM Integration

Leverage the Combined Power of ERP and CRM

Why learn the hard way how to integrate ERP and CRM systems, when there’s an easier way? Download Built to Last: The Ultimate Guide to ERP-CRM Integration, and prepare for a successful integration in your organization.  

This free guide will show you how to:

  • Lay a foundation for integration success
  • Create a blueprint to follow by making key decisions
  • Determine the right tools for the job
  • Maximize your time and resources
  • and more!

Save time, money and maximize your ROI
Integrate CRM and ERP fast and seamlessly
Improve business processes across your organization
What the Client Says

Bridgepoint has been instrumental in helping COBB extend the functionality of our NetSuite platform to improve our business operations and reporting. They have enabled us to consolidate all major business processes within or through NetSuite–something we could not have achieved on our own.

Jeff Johnson CFO, COBB Tuning
About Bridgepoint

Bridgepoint Consulting is a leading management consulting firm that helps companies navigate the complexities of growth and change. From strategy to execution, Bridgepoint’s cross-functional team of experts work with you to address business-critical technology initiatives. We offer a full scope of services, rivaling management consulting firms 10 to 100 times our size, to help you optimize your technology environment—and keep it secure. We also have a team of NetSuite and Salesforce experts that provide services and support to help you fully leverage these enterprise solutions and more.

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